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Any Tricks for Dips?

Ive written on here before about my inablility to do pullups, but i manged tofix it through the use of bands, and have built my self up to a respectable number (3 sets of 9). but now im having a problem with dips. i just cant seem to do them at all.

i dont know if its my long arms, or just that im weak, but they are very diffiult for me, and i cant seem to figure out a way t use the bands to help me out.Ive tried negatives but they havent worked for me in the past and dont seem to be helping now.

i vaguely remember seeing someone somewhere using a swiss ball to assist in dips, but i cant find where i saw that… so does anyone have some tips?

If you have an assistance machine at your disposal, use that, gradually lowering the assistance it gives you until you can do a few un-assisted, and then work from there.
If you don’t have such a machine however, have your training partner(or just somebody from your gym who isn’t an idiot) hold your shins in the same way an assistance machine does and help you by giving you a small push from there until you get to a point where you can do a few un-assisted.

The picture above(EDIT: in the post below) is a guy using an assistance machine, your training partner should help you up from the same area the blue pad is supporting the dude(the shins).

Just my two cents. There may be other exercises that you could focus on to strengthen the muscles involved in dips but they are a massively compound exercise and I’ve always found that focusing on the movement will help the most.
Others may disagree however.

Build your chest and triceps stronger with other movements until you are able to do them?

Here’s the picture I forgot in my first post because I’m retarded…

  1. Assistance Machine (mentioned)
  2. Parter Assistance (mentioned)
  3. Chest/Tricep work (mentioned)
  4. Partials
    Starting in the top position, lowering slightly then locking out again, progressively going lower until you can do a full rep.
  5. Negatives
    Starting in the top position, lowering yourself as slowly as possible to the bottom position then reseting
  6. Holds
    Holding yourself in various positions for as long as possible- bottom, half, just outside of lockout