Any Tips to Get Rid of Shoulder, Chest and Back Acne?

I suffer really bad acne in all three of these places. Particularly bad on my upper back.
Does any one have any tips that have helped get rid of acne in these places?

What’s your diet like?
How intense is your training?

using gear ?!

My diet is okay. It’s about 75% healthy and 25% unhealthy.
My training is very intense. I go for progressive overload as much as possible in every session and i dont have long rest times either.

I’m on TRT however it is irrelevant in my case because I’ve had this acne problem since my early teens. TRT has also (from what i can tell) had zero impact on my acne.

Had terrible acne well into 20s found these things can help…
Cut waaay back on dairy and take lactase enzymes with meals that still have dairy traces.

Apply a light, oil free moisturiser to areas after you shower

Up your greens and colourful vegetables

Drink lemon water and have big glass of water immediately upon waking

Dont get shitfaced on weekend/drink very moderately


Take Isotren 20 mg daliy at night look for 15 days if u want fast results take 1 morning 1 night with meals results “Guaranteed” in a month. But drink lost of water as this tab will dry ur lips like hell or carry a lip gel or lip balm… i am damn sure u will get rid of it for sure in a month…

It’s likely a combination of diet. Likely too high in carbs, possibly a dairy issue. Intense training (90%+) in excess will trigger stress hormones causing breakouts as well.

If you’re eating 3000 calories and 25% is unhealthy that is a lot. 750 calories of shitty food. 3-5 cookies per day. Some people just have skin that is much more sensitive to food.

Get yourself some accutane from an overseas pharmacy and run a very low dose cycle for about 30 days. It should help alot.

P.S. I know the issues surrounding accutane and its effects on the liver, hence the “very low dose” recommendation. I, personally ran about a 1/4 of the recommended dose for back acne for about a month and had great results and have never needed it again.


Have you tried a sauna or steam room? Both work well for me three times a week

This is a huge swing factor for me.

Too much sugar, instant back acne.
ANY dairy, instant back acne

This is an interesting suggestion, im 28 and have pretty permanent back acne since I was 14. Eliminating dairy has helped reduce it a lot, but it has never really dissapeared. Ive always been pretty wary of accutane, but the low dose idea sounds like it’s worth a look.

Both my daughter and ex-wife have been on it with no ill effects. I knew I couldn’t get a script for androgenic acne so I found it online at an European pharmacy. Did some homework on dose levels based on weight and went from there.

Yup, I don’t get it on my body, but sugar is a trigger for sure. Post workout seems to be okay to have some though.

Speaking from personal experience… definitely cut out the dairy. It’ll make the biggest difference. Though I’ve found mozzarella and 0% fat yogurt tend to be ok, go figure.

I am on TRT which has made the acne on my back and shoulders much worse. I use an antibacterial soap in the shower on my back and shoulders. It is essential to get rid of the acne. You can use a hand soap that is antibacterial or you can find some bar soaps that say antibacterial. They both work for me. Benzalkonium chloride is the main ingredient. I also have found that taking Pregnenolone has balanced my hormones and almost stopped the acne. Vitamin E complex with all four tocopherols has cured the acne on my face and also helps with my back as well.

Retinol creams are your friends. Just saying. I’d also pay attention to how much you sweat in those areas. Certain areas have certain amounts, and types of bacteria that go crazy when sweat is introduced to that area. You may be interested in wearing mostly cotton stuff, keeping that area clean and dry, and applying some type of cream/liquid that’s a neutralizer alongside a retinol cream.

Also, when you shower, I’d suggest exfoliating. Thoroughly. Like a loofa. You don’t have to try to scrub your skin off, but getting all of those dead skin cells, sweat, dirt, and body oils does wonders.

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Dr Mclain says to try acutane for a short time and it keeps it away for a decade or so. He also said try some antibiotics.

dude same here i have pretty bad chest/back acne in for help.
and make a mention that Best Supplements to Get Shredded in 4 weeks [2022 Guide] can help you a lot to choose the right steroid and choose the right cycle

I also have chest acne which appeared when i did 3 months cycle in 2019

still exists

i recently started anti-biotics and anti-bacterial cream treatment

only creams didn’t fix it