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Any Thoughts on This Power Rack?


I tried googling the brand for more info but not much came up.



I like the width of the rack.

I have a Joe Weider rack at home (my 2nd rack) and I don't like it. I bought it online through Wal-Mart's online shopping crap. I got it because it was like 100 bucks or so. I got the rack and the instructions tell me not to place more than 210lbs on the rack! RIGHT!!! I'll have you know I exceeded that by a lot.

Anyways. When I do squats I do a few types, oly stlye and front squats with a narrow footing and I do power lifting style with a super wide stance. Well the damn rack I have is 40" in width with 2.5" posts on each end giving me 35" of space to work with. My PL stance is in the low 40". Obviously I can't do them "in" my squat rack.

I looked at the dimentions of the squat rack or power rack you have listed and I did my best converting the cm to inches and I figured this much out. The width is about 46 inches, maybe 47". Subtract the 5" for the posts and you have a little over 40" of "stance space" to work with. Good!

Not everyone uses a super wide stance on their squats but I'm just saying if you are this will help you avoid what happened to me.

What I recommend is shelling out a decent amount of money for a squat rack that is of high quality (this one that you posted seems like it is). I'm sure the safety instructions also allow you to pack on more than 210lbs on the rack also.

Just my input


I remember looking at these on ebay not long ago. They are made in china. This link used to work, not working for me now, that might just be my server though.


Email them for some specs on the steel used if you want some quality related issues, or email the successful buyer from one of their earlier ebay auctions.

Ebay = "caveat emptor" for some types of products.



Looks OK. Only thing I would question is how much it is rated to hold,. Looks is NOT always a good definer of such an important issue.


What is that bar that goes across the middle on the right hand side? It looks like it would interfer with just about everything.


Some info on the manufacturer here.

Looks like they are meeting international standards for their products.

I'll be interested to hear what you have to say if you get one. As that price is a fair bit lower than what racks go for retail in Aus.



I think it is a removable dip bar/station thingy.

I love to use the word "thingy", right up there with "whatsymejigger".


can someone answer me this?

WHY do the holes for the safety pins stop @ ~ 18 inches from the ground?

does anyone that MAKES these things actually USE these things?

in case you rode the short bus, what i am getting at is this: it would be very convenient to work the gamut from higher rack pulls to full ROM deadlifts by incrementally getting lower.



Bastard - I expect it has to do with maintaining the structural integrity of the rack. It's possible that holes much futher down might weaken it.

Or maybe not? shrug


I got this reply from the seller:

Anyone know how I should interpret that? Could it safely go somewhat beyond 200?

Not too sure I like the idea of "very little movement" - that's still movement. Although surely a loaded bar in the rack could counter that?


I would say HELL NO!!! 200kg and very little movement = CRAP you will not like it in the long run.

I would say 1000lbs minimum. Even if you never get near that you are assured a sturdy rack.

Here is the one I bought

Added the high low pulley station. It's solid and I dont see myself needing a new rack EVER.

Buy once and buy Good.

Another good choice is Elitefts.

My 2 cc,


Nah, that's not it. Elite power racks have one-inch hole spacing and go all the way down to just a few inches off the floor.

Most other "standard" racks seem to stop far short of the floor and typically have two-inch whole spacing.

To the poster, I'd skip this rack and look into an Elite rack (www.elitefts.com) or try a Body Solid power rack (that's what I have). It's decent for the money. However, I will upgrade to an Elite power rack in the future.


Yea, I think it would be a good idea to get one that's rated to hold more weight.

Think about if you're doing a Westside ME squat day and you're increasing the weight untill you can't get a 3RM, then you go as high as you can for a 1RM.

What if you're off by a few pounds and you drop what is a little over your 1RM for squats.

Even if that's 350lbs (for example), the pins will be getting hit with a lot more force depending on how high it's dropping from.

I don't know the exact formula but it can be figgured out with the acceleration due to gravity falling about 3-4 feet or so (distance from the bar on your back to the pins)...

If you get a good quality one, you'll only have to buy it once. If you get a cheaper one, you will probably buy another one some time later which would ultimatley be more expensive.