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Any Thoughts on These Lab Results?

I’d appreciate this community’s thoughts on my lab results. I’ve been suffering on and off with low testosterone symptoms for a number of years but have never spoken to a doctor who has taken it seriously. I’m based in London so if anyone thinks I should see a specialist privately then I’m open to recommendation or suggested next steps (if required).

Age 25 results:

Result Name Result Value Result Units Reference Range Status
TSH 1.83 mU/L ( 0.27-4.20 ) N
Free T4 18.1 pmol/L ( 12.0-22.0 ) N
Testosterone 15.4 nmol/l ( 7.6-31.4 ) N

Age 28 results

Testosterone (15.53 nmol/l) (Normal 7.6- 31.4)

Oestradiol 60.61 nmol/l (Normal 41-159)

Age 30 results:

Testosterone (10.7 nmol/l) (Normal 7.6- 31.4)

For the latest 2 results I have lots of other measures (kidneys, liver, everything!) but have omitted from here to keep this post brief. They are all within normal ranges (if that means anything) but let me know if it would be helpful to see anything else.

Just to add in case it’s relevant, I take the following medications currently:
Finasteride (Propecia) - 1mg daily for hair loss
Citalopram - 40mg daily for anxiety

You’ll never get a prescription on the NHS with those numbers. You should get SHBG tested and calculated free testosterone. NHS don’t test SHBG but you can do a home test through Medichecks. They do a mini hormone panel that includes T, E2, SHBG, freeT for around £60.

How long have you been taking Finasteride? that can mess with hormones, could be the cause of all your symptoms.

I’ve taken finasteride for 6 years. Anxiety and weight gain were issues before taking that though.

Do the T levels look low? (I appreciate they aren’t in the eyes of the NHS).

10 is quite low. You really need to see free testosterone to get the full picture though. You could have high SHBG which would make your free T really low. Private clinics will look at free T if total is in range.

Have you looked up post finasteride syndrome?

Ok. I will get the medichecks results for the above and post on this thread next week.

I have looked at post finasteride syndrome but haven’t ever suffered from any (new) side effects since taking it (anxiety & weight gain were issues before taking it).

You’re still playing with fire, no one knows of the consequences of blocking DHT long term and I’m sure when you’re older we’ll find out. Your brain needs DHT, the body has DHT receptors all over the body, you wouldn’t take a pill to lower testosterone would you?

Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation

Fines trade is killing your hormones … that’s for hair?

DHT is a major hormone and is a big party of errvtile function. DHT is not something you block. Unless you want issues.

t is dropping at a fast rate that’s the sides. Isn’t it?

You lost 50% of your total t in 5 years. That happens over decades… 1-2% every decade I believe.

Your playing with fire. Your going to be on trt and ensuring it happens from the looks of it. Your doctors a quack. Anyone can see that a 30 ye old man should not have bottom of range levels. You just got out of your 20s. Take charge of your health man and use logic. Your T production is in the gutter. I’d be scared, pissed and irate at the doctor and the pharmaceutical company who sells this shit.

Educate yourself it’s obvious what’s happening to the t is being accelerated far beyond any natural decrease.

Your 30 years old with 45/50 year old

Hi everyone

As suggested, I got a more detailed set of labs on my hormone levels:

Albumin - 44.5 g/L (range 35 to 50)
SHBG - 35.1 nmol/L (18.3 to 54.1)
FSH - 3.64 IU/L (1.5 to 12.4)
LH - 2.2 2.2 IU/L (1.7 to 8.6)
Oestradiol - 103 pmol/L (41 to 159)
Testosterone - 15.9 nmol/L (8.64 to 29)
Free testosterone calc - 0.313 nmol/L (0.2 to 0.62)
Free androgen index - 45.3 (24 to 104)
Prolactin - 231mU/L (86 to 324)

If you decided to start TRT there is a concern, you will likely need to double your Total T and when you do estrogen will likely get out of control as it’s already in a healthy range. One of the ways you can minimize and control estrogen is frequent smaller injections, twice weekly or EOD.

Your Free T is no good which is at 1.72 %, it’s well below the normal 2-3% value.