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Any Thoughts on Casey Anthony


not guilty???seriously this POS should suffer in hell for eternity


No proof = no case




I hope they find her body someday, hopefully painfully beaten to death.

What a joke. Stupid OJ jury again.



Thought people were innocent until proven guilty. Glad we fixed that problem.


I can't wait for the inevitable Penthouse spread.

You fools who think there was no evidence need to get your heads out of your ass. For 31 days she didn't report the kid missing. That is all you need to know to fry her.


Apparently not, doog.


...oh yeah, I forgot we don't need intent, motive, and opportunity. We just need to know that specific fact and that proves it all.


Are you being serious or just picking internet fights?

Intent--there was fucking duct tape on the kids mouth and nose.

Motive--to continue the party lifestyle she wanted with her boyfriend

opportunity-- she was alone with the kid all day.


Regardless of her guilt or innocence a kid is dead and anin't nothing gonna bring it back.


it's obvious she did it... the 31 days she waited while getting a tattoo, partying, lying to police, the duct tape and trash bags (indicating a homicide).

however, simply put, this is not enough to convict someone of first degree murder. I assumed the jury was going to vote not guilty.


yes but all the evidence is circumstantial and does not puts Casey Anthony directly as the murderer. it's 'beyond a reasonable doubt' for a reason.


Her father was known to do the same to the family dogs.

Speculation, could have been her coping mechanism.

This I have no knowledge about; however, the other two are not substantial and I have far beyond a reasonable doubt that she is not the person that killed her and definitely not to the degree they were charging her with.


MOST convictions are on circumstantial evidence. This is real life, not CSI or Law & Order.


Where did you hear the dad put duct tape on animals' nose and mouth?

Partying and getting a Sweet Life tattoo is your idea of a coping mechanism while the child is missing and hasn't even been reported as being gone.

How do you rationalize NOT reporting your child missing and lying and saying a nanny took her?


Ask Scott Peterson's wife.


Ask Nicole Brown Simpson.


Don't EVER stay on a jury of you are put on one.

Scott Peterson was convicted without a body, let alone direct evidence.


Casey Anthony = a girl who went partying the night her daughter went missing. Got a tattoo celebrating her "sweet life", which surely shows the signs of a mother in mourning. Waits 30 days to report the child missing. A pathological liar to investigators. Puts a sticker over he mouth of Caylee (this is the sign of a mother who would do this).

Every juror should be shot for letting this bitch walk. Seriously, not even child negligence? Not even Manslaughter?

Hey, anyone want to kill someone, Florida is looking mighty good.


As a lawyer, couple observations:

  1. The alternate jurors came to the same decision. This says a lot. They were there 24/7, unlike us who got the news through CNN talking heads with agendas. So I am not hard on this jury. I may disagree, but I was not there.

  2. The most likely scenario was mother was stoned/asleep/whatever, the kid got to the pool somehow and drowned, then the mother panicked and tried to cover up, thiking (correctly) that the local prosecutor would try to pin her with murder for simple negligence. The State screwed up by over-charging her with 1st Degree Murder.

  3. The State put on a bunch of liars as witnesses. This discredited all the ones who told the truth.

  4. All the mother's weird behavior is classic innappropriate affect --- she's mourning the loss of her child, unable to tell anyone, and has no religious or spiritual upbringing. The most typical reactions to such a stress are: (A) going on a drunk/drug/party bender or (B) suicide.


Does this ruling mean that all accused murderers should be tried under these same standards? A high percentage of murders can go unsolved if this is the correct way to come to a verdict. Would your stance change Brother Chris if it was your family member.