Any Thoughts on Asia Dispensary?

I have 2 vials of Test. Enanthate by Asia Dispensary 10 ml containing 3000mg. couple of questions

  1. anyone use this test before and if so good results?

  2. this will be my first cycle of any kind and was thinking of 600mg per week for 10 weeks taking 2 shots per week at 300 mg each any advice?

  3. Any thoughts on what else I should take? as i was just going to take the test for 10 weeks only nothing else

Don’t touch it for several months. You should totally understand a cycle before taking it.


You have not mentioned PCT. That is something you should have on hand and completely understand.

Also, the first cycle tends to be the most responsive cycle. It would be good to have an oral kick-start.

What I should have asked first is - What is your diet, stats, training and experience?

If you are under 25 - don’t touch it.