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Any Thoughts Holocaust Revisionism?


I never really questioned what I was taught in History class about the Holocaust.

But the other day while watching a clip Rohyn posted in the Jewish Slave Trading thread, Youtube recommended a documentary called David Cole in Auschwitz. It's about a young Jewish Revisionists who visits the notorious concentration camp to see if the claims being made about the atrocities were indeed true.

Here is the documentary, seven parts that are each 10 minutes long:

He also lists 46 questions that have gone unanswered:


For those of you that are well versed in the Holocaust and WWII, is there any validity to his arguments? Or is this just more BS anti-semitic propaganda?

This David Cole fella actually went into hiding not too long after releasing this documentary because of threats put on his life by the JDL.


1) He is skeptical any Jews were gassed at Auschwitz

2) He considers the death toll of Jews to be extremely overstated

Is the evidence he provides valid?


It's anti-Semitic propaganda of the worst kind. You should have researched this yourself. I don't have time to give you a history lesson so I'll make this quick:

1) Allies knew about camps by late 1942.

2) Near the war's end Himmler contacts allies and says if they give him trucks for the eastern front he'll stop shipping Jews to the extermination camps.

3) Allies who liberated camps found fucking warehouses of millions of shoes and other belongings and filmed them.

3) Allies found thousands of dead stacked like cordwood and rotting corpses and emaciated(starved) survivors. They filmed all this too.

4) Allies found that at Birkenau the wife of the camp commander had been making fucking lamp shades from human skin.

5) Allies were so fucking horrorfied and disgusted they made Germans in villages around the camps bury the thousands of dead that were still lying around everywhere. They made them visit the camps and see the fucking lampshades and other horrors. In one town the mayor and his wife went home and hung themselves.

6) Allies film gas chambers and ovens.

7) Allies get official state records showing the exact numbers of people and dates for the train schedules.

8) The allies find the cyanide gas cannisters, gas chambers, the official train schedules and other documents, witnesses from the camps, SS guards and other Germans involved who they interrogated, the warehouses full of personal belongings etc. They also found that more than 3/4 of all European Jews were no longer around.

The actual original architectural blueprints showing the gas chambers and crematoriums at Auschwitz/Birkenau:



Also that video was made nearly 20 years ago and the guy who made it, David Cole:

'now repents for all of his activities as a revisionist, including the video on Auschwitz, and in addition asks for forgiveness, describes his shame and his contrition'


I haven't really looked into it myself, but I know the neo-nazis claim it wasn't any where near 6 million jews that died, and that always struck me as strange. I mean, these are the people who wish all 16 million died! It seems strange for them to be downplaying this if there really isn't a case to be made.


Did you even watch the videos?

A couple of things he says in the video and in interviews:

1) Shoes were issued to all prisoners and there more than just Jews in the concentration camps. It's not that they deny the Holocaust didn't happen, but the number of Jews who died was overstated.

2)The Zyklon B gas cannisters were used for delousing. The Zyklon B gas leaves a distinct blue stain which you can see are in the delousing chambers, but when you go to the Gas chambers there are no stains.

He explains it here: http://www.holocaustdenialvideos.com/donahue_a.wmv

10:35 mark

3) He asserts eye witness accounts of soldiers and survivors are not credible, there were several instances where soldiers and reported a burning smell even in camps without crematoriums. For example Many American soldiers speak of gassing at the Dachau camp even though gassing did not take place at that camp.

4) The making of lamp shades and soap from Jews has been debunked and is no longer believed to be true. There have been several other examples where over estimations have been made and then eventually corrected. Initially people thought 22 of the camps had gas chambers and then 10 years later it was changed to only 6.

5) Some of the gas chambers open from the inside meaning it is not possible to lock somebody into that room

Please actually watch the videos


I know it's from 1992.

The JDL essentially threatens his life, so he goes into hiding and eventually repents. Hrmm... does that sound like to you he truly stopped believing what he was talking about or simply did not want to be murdered?


No I won't spend an hour watching a fucking Shoah denial video made by a guy who now says his video is all bullshit and apologises for lying in it. I'm already aware of all of those 'questions' that lots of people think 'need to be answered'. I've heard them all before from other whackos. I've given you the facts. Goodbye.


Isle Koch was the wife of the Buchenwald commander not Auschwitz/Birkenau, my mistake. Relying on memory instead of googling stuff I know nothing about. Human skin atrocities at Buchenwald:

'It's exceedingly well-documented that such ornaments did exist; there's no question but that someone made them out of human skin. When one can see a book whose cover is tanned skin with a decorative tattoo on it, there's little question that the skin was that of a human being. If one has any doubt as to the origin of the substance, one should examine the forensic report conducted on some of the skin. It concludes, based on microscopic examination and the placement of the nipples and navel, that the skin was certainly human.'

'The tattooed skin was undoubtedly due to the medical experiment role of Buchenwald. As remarked by [Christopher] Burney [a former inmate], when a Buchenwald inmate died the camp doctors looked his body over and if they found something interesting they saved it. It is fairly certain that the collection of medical specimens thus gathered was the source of the tattooed skin and the human head that turned up at the IMT as "exhibits" relating to people "murdered" at Buchenwald.'

  • Arthur Butz


If you think Holocaust deniers are whackos, why in the hell are you quoting them?

Michael Shermer an American science writer and historian of science indicated that the soap and lamp shades made of Jews story was not true.

General Lucius Clay, the military governor of the US zone of occupied Germany, explained the lampshade story, "Well, it turned out actually that it was goat flesh [sic --clearly the general meant skin]. But at the trial [of Ilse Koch] it was still human flesh." (Interview with Lucius Clay, 1976, Official Proceeding of the George C. Marshall Research Foundation Quoted in M. Weber, "Buchenwald: Legend and Reality," The Journal of Historical Review, Winter 1986-87 7(4), pp. 406-407.)


"Human Skin Lampshade Myth?
However, it turns out that the stories of human skin lampshades are probably poorly grounded. There's no denying that the Nazis committed horrible atrocities and murdered millions during the Holocaust, but this horrific genocide was so bad that there's no need for exaggeration. Like the myth of human soap that was debunked 10-15 years ago, the story of human skin lampshades is based largely on rumors and can't be substantiated."



Then what's the point of this thread? Whether one particular Nazi made a lampshade out of human skin or just liked the tattoos on it and kept it as a souvenir is neither here nor there. This guy was claiming that Zyklon-B was not used and that gassings didn't occur according to your own accounts. Is that what you think? That Zyklon-B wasn't used to gas millions of Jews? It was just used for delousing them? Is that what you're trying to say?

Attached picture is the Holfle telegram sent to Adolf Eichmann telling him that 1,274,166 Jews had been killed in the four Aktion Reinhard camps during 1942 alone. And these were just Polish Jews killed in the year 1942.

Wannsee Conference where the 'final solution' to the 'Jewish question' was meticulously planned:


I never mentioned soap. Facsimile copy of actual forensic report on the tattooed skin:


Now if you want to keep on with this stuff that's your business. I'm not going to spend anymore time arguing with a holocaust denier.


No, not one fucking bit of that shit u call evidence.

Congrats on winning the most stupid fucking thread of the month award.


I dont think that the gas leaves any stain but usually there was a warning color mixed in case it gassed out of the canisters. Also, usually cobalt chloride was added because when it got wet the stuff was ruined and the cobalt chloride acted as an indicator that it was dry.

While most of the Zyklon B was used for delousing the rest was more then enough to gas quite a lot of people and the SS specifically ordered Zyklon B without any warning colors.


I'm not a holocaust denier. If most of what is being said in the video is refutable that's fine.


My accounts? NO. I think the gassings occurred, I'm just wondering if there are answers to the questions these people are asking. If can't handle that you can GTFO.

Just thought it was an interesting video, I didn't know the lampshade and soap things were false. They were taught as fact when I was in school.