Any Thoughts Dr. Darden

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Yeah, I remember. It was in London at the 1978 Mr. Universe contest.

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Dr. Darden – Who is the guy that Casey is shaking hands with – and the guy that is standing to Casey’s left?

Not Dr. D but the guy shaking hands with Casey looks very much like the late Peter Simpson (top level UK bodybuilder).

I think it’s Peter because he was one of the first Nautilus advocates in the UK, training out of the first Nautilus Gym I ever went to (in Pontefract, Yorkshire).

The guy on Casey’s left is Jim Flanagan. Jim was the general manager of Nautilus Sports/Medical Industries for many years.

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Thanks much.


Thanks much, Dr. Darden. I remember hearing the name Jim Flanagan – but didn’t know what he looked like. Sounds like he might have been Jones’ right-hand-man in the business.

So that leaves the guy standing to your left. Who is/was he?

His name was Mike Phipps and he owned a Nautilus fitness club in England.

The guy who trained me in Pontefract was called Mike. It must be the same guy.

Mike was a super nice guy. He spent a week at the Nautilus headquarters in Florida learning about the machines and how to use them effectively.