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Any Test Reset Protocols?

Any test reset protocols??
I’m about 4 months post cycle and libido is gone.
Just got bloodwork done and test is a 240 free at 67 and estrogen at 140

I ran clonid nolva for pct but I believe it was bunk
Thinking about running clomid at 50mg e3d again for about 4 weeks and testing again
Clomid from a different source

I read the stickers and found a million answers

Provide lab units and reference ranges for starters. Any other labs you have done recently as well.
Is that Estradiol or?

Going to a trt clinic on tuesday to run a full panel

I honestly think that the clomid nolva I had was chalk shaped into a pill.
I can still get a boner needed be but it’s not a hunk of steel like it used to be

Plenty of websites sell Nolva as a research chemical. You could try another restart using 20mg daily for 4-6 weeks

I thought I would be better off using clomid at 50mg every 3 days Sunday tuesday friday

Dunno, never used Clomid, but have heard plenty of complaints about it, side effects. I’ve used Nolva and it was relatively side-effect free

I will try clomid 50mg e3d and 20mg nolva daily on top of it for 6 weeks

I don’t know that you need both, I’d read up before trying that. Or give it a go, would love to know how it turns out for future reference

Hope it does. Just ,smashed, and my sword wasnt as hard as I would like it to be, and I really dont get turned on

Stay away from Clomid. Tamoxifen is what works without the nasty estrogenic side effects that Clomid brings. I would never use a research chemical site though. Always get a prescription for pharmacy medications. Fareston (Toremifene) is superior to Tamoxifen, but not as easily acquirable for most.

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Started nolva clomid at 50 clomid ed and nolva.at 20

Seems that I’m even worse then I was to begin with
This is a week later.
I will lower clomid to 25mg ed

Stupid to take 2 SERMs at the same time. Clomid is garbage, throw it away.
Nolva 10mg EOD solo is more than enough.