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Any Tea Connoisseurs?


I started drinking green tea when I first found this website after reading about the health properties. For 99% of this period I bought the standard bags of Lipton's green tea.

Recently, I've been visiting a tea emporium which has literally over a 100 different makes of loose leaf tea.

So far I've stayed within the green teas (which they have over 20 to choose from) and have liked

Sencha (Japanese)

Mao Jian (Chinese)

Honestly, with so much choice, I'm not sure what to try next.

So I ask, are there any tea connoisseurs on this board? If so, what do you drink?


Not a tea connoisseur, but you might consider giving genmaicha a try. It's a green tea with toasted rice kernels in it that give it a fairly unique taste.

Gunpowder green tea I use when I make Moroccan Mint tea, which is pretty rare these days. Gunpowder tea + fresh mint leaves + lots of sugar.

I'm currently working through a container of Long Jing (also known as Dragon Well), a Chinese green tea. It's from the same region my girlfriend was born in. Supposedly it's one of the more famous Chinese teas, but she doesn't think much of it, I guess because they serve it everyday tea there so it's nothing special to her.

That's about all I know about green teas. I've tried a lot though.

Black teas, I don't really know much. I had some great tea in England, it was actually nice and strong and flavorful, instead of the watered down stuff you get over here.

Oh, and sweet tea. Luzianne sweet tea with lots of sugar.


Russian Caravan tea is really good...it's smoked tea leaves I believe...

Wait...is this a parroty thread?


I suppose I'm one in the sense that I think mainstream western brands like Lipton/Tetley are pretty much grabage. But then again, buying from Costco is about the extent of effort I put into it.


This is the one I wanted to try next. I also wanted to try some of the powdered green teas which dilute into the water. I'm guessing consuming the leaves probably increases the health benefits

I tried gunpowder green tea, wasn't a fan. Of course I drank it black. Generally, I tried to avoid liquid calories with the exception of protein powder. Especially cals from sugar.

Interesting. Never heard of it.


I drink tea all the time! Pukka are a great company with a huge variety of exceptional teas to choose from. Currently I am drinking these...

Anyway being from Ireland you have to drink tea plain and simple! Once upon a time only pretentious cunts drank coffee... or at least the ones that thought they were coffee connoisseurs lol

But times have changed and currently I'm drinking a great organic coffee from a moka pot for the hit it gives me (3 kids under 5 = no sleep) or else I would just simply have to take drugs lol


Fuck that first pic turned out big!


LOL and so did that second one...


I just googled this product and learned it's actually a Chinese tea.


Last one...


A while ago I started a thread about counterfeiting in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Many of the main brands were actually selling virgin olive oil or even mixing in sunflower oil.

But you know which brand passed consistently with flying colours? Costco's Kirkland brand. Take that for what it's worth.


Last January I had the opportunity to study abroad in China. While I was there I had the privilege to attend 3 different tea ceremonies. Obviously the Chinese take tea very seriously (serving girls go to a four year college just for tea) and I had some of the best teas I have ever had. Unfortunately the pound that I bought over there is written in Chinese and I cannot for the life of me remember what it is called.

What I do remember is it is a type of tea called Pu-erh. It is a type of fermented dark tea. According to the Chinese it has liver detoxifying attributes and can help with weight loss similar to green tea. Another type of tea to try is yellow tea. The best I had was called Jun Shan Silver Needle from the Hunan province. It is a little more expensive but it unbelievably good.


I would have to second the vote for Dragon Well.

If you like Sencha, you will definitely like Dragon Well. It's like Sencha but a bit more Earthy

I would also nominate Gyokuro if you have some money laying around. It's a bit pricey but has a very good "green" taste.


You have a photo? I can probably figure it out (or find someone who can).


I drink all kinds of teas. Chinese Oolongs and such aren't my favorites though.

I like strong but sweet tasting black teas the best.
My personal favorite:


I am at work right now but when I get home I most certainly can do that.


Yep, aware of that same report or thread re: Costco.

Crucially, one must select the more pricey "Organic" version and not the regular EVOO that's sitting right there next to it.



I drink quite a bit of tea. More of the herbal stuff because I'm hypersensitive to caffeine. White tea gives me madd jitters and if I drink green tea on an empty stomach it pretty much has the same effect.

I usually sip on chamomile or a ginger tea. I really like ginger cause the flavor is really robust.


Many moons ago I used to work as a tea blender. I got to sample some delicious teas but I was too young and dumb to actually pay attention to the regions enough to remember them now. The fine quality stuff smelled heavenly when putting together the blends and brewed on their own were delicious. These were teas that were added to a crapload of cheaper teas to make them worthy of their cheaper cost.


That's what I'm drinking. I make a litre of iced green tea daily with this stuff.