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Any T-People in Melbourne?

I’ve just moved to Melbourne (Australia) from the UK and hoped that any T-people reading this forum could recommend and gyms in or near the CBD or inner suburbs? Also where is the best place to get your supps from here?
Any other hints or tips for leaving in Melbourne would be greatfully received.



No T-Men/Vixens in or near Melbourne then?

Yep I’m a fellow Melb guy. Good place to get cheap supplments is on 320(roughly) Chapel st called Discont Health Foods. Also Elizibeth st in the city has a discount store called Great Earth(i think -its just up from flinders st station). A semi-hardcore 24hr Gym which is not bad is called Underworld on Flinders st. Its pretty dingy though, and has alot of heros but apart from that its alright.

Dohertys gym in brunsiwck is good, 24/7 dumbells to 155. Generally a good crowd, good bodybuilding gym, runs most of the IFBB events and pro show here in Oz.

Evelyn Faye Nutrition at 360 Bourke St, Melbourne had a good range of products. They also have a free memebership card, which gets you an additional 5% off. I find Evelyn cheaper then Great Earth. As for gyms, as per Oze note, Underworld is prob the best gym in the city for what you are looking for. If you are happy to travel furher Dohertys is also a good option.

Cheers guys, couldn’t recommend anywhere close to the city to live could you?

just moved out myself as well… miss golds and worlds from the states… but you just gotta make the best with what ya find. i personally workout at Zaks in Prahrann and no i’m not a Pfft. it’s just convienent. not much for back workouts. lame hamstring set up. but like i said, you go with what you got and be creative. also need a good workout partner that will push to the max and is CONSISTANT!!! not afraid to carry a can and puke!