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Any T-Nurses out there?

I’m currently between jobs in the Information Technology field. They’re hard to come by right now. I’ve been thinking of changing careers and going in to nursing. So, for any T-Nurses out there, what exactly do you do, and do you really like what you do for a living?

My dad has been a nurse since I was a wee little pup. He worked in the ER most of his life but has been working full-time as a flight nurse at a local hospital for about 8 years now. He absolutely loves it. He gets paid well and works 24 on and 72 off. Just imagine what a T-man could do with three days off between shifts. Not to mention that with down time during your shift, you could even train! But he had to put in a lot of time before getting on the flight team and having the “cushy” job he has now.

Matter of fact, he took care of one of my co-workers last night after a bad car accident. My coworker called me today to tell me that my dad is awesome at what he does and took good care of him. So it’s definitely an area to look into. And depending on where you are located, nurses are in high demand, and pay is quite good. They are giving bonuses and starting pay at $36 an hour for one of the hospitals in town for a new department that just opened.

My mom is a nurse. She’s been doing it since before I was born. She loves it, but it definately takes a certian type of person!!

She works in a small clinic, and her pay is not all that great, though larger cities have some great opportinities. My mom is they type of nurse that families mention in the obituaries when an older family member passes away. Her patients regualrily bring her small gifts because she always goes the extra mile. Of course, we could have been bleeding out the ears at home and she would have told us to 'get up, get dressed, and go to shcool you'll feel better' *laugh*

There is a HUGE nursing shortage as well, so that is a big benefit. If you are unattached, there is good money in travel nursing as well. The most lucrative pay usually come with the weirdest hours, but if you can handle the shifts then you are golden. One hosptal near me has a shift that you work 6 pm to 6 am friday night and saturday night - for over $40 a year. The catch is, if you call in sick you lose the pay from that shift and the pay from your next TWO shifts. So the money and benefits are there, but at the beginning you have to be willing to do the 'gross' stuff, and my mom enjoyed making us ill at the dinner table with the stories!!!!

I thought of going into nursing after my IT layoff last March, but I don't have the stomach for it...

I am a T-nurse. CCU and now doing desk work as a Business Analyst. I will probably get back into patient care as that is where the intrinsic rewards are. This is a great career! Many choices, as I am an example of that. I started out in IT and went back to get BSN. Just remember that it is about people (usually sick people) and can be very intense. Field is changing for the better, as the shortage is creating a ‘nurse friendly’ workplace. This has not always been the case. Since it takes a special person to practice in this field, the future is very bright, conidering the current and projected shortages. One other thing, you can be very mobile with this profession. There are needs in every location. We are considering Hawaii! Good luck.

Thanks for the comments guys and vixens. One further question - could you describe the personality traits you feel are best for nursing? I enjoy helping people, but when I get off the phone with someone who’s computer problem is fixed but is still mad, I don’t like that.

It takes a special person to become a nurse. Especially the ones that are in Oncology. I don’t know how they do it!

Its just that its so depressing in that wing.
Believe me I know. I just don’t know how they do it. I must give a big hand to them. They must love what they do.

I am not a nurse, I am a paramedic and I work in anemergency room. One thing about nursing is you really have to love your work. You must be able to take the bull crap that is shoveed on you and shake it off, being cussed at, spit on, threatened, al because you won’t give them the narcotics they are trying to get for free. You live for the times that you make a positive impact on someones life. low pay, over-work, under staffing and no appreciation from the people you help is a day in the life of an emergency room nurse. Now remember, this is just a viewpoint from someone who works in an er. Attitudes and conditions change in different fields, OB, oncology, pediatrics, etc. I guess my point is you just have to love it to do it.