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Any T-Nation Funkateers?


Any of you guys into funk? George Clinton, James Brown, Sly & the Family Stone, a Parliafunkadelicment Thang?

I got into funk only about a year ago, and I just can't go any longer without expressing my love for this music.

Long live the funk!


I love P-funk.

I've even made fans out of hundreds of junior high kids. They love Atomic Dog because of Snoop using it, and from there they are interested.


tear For once in my life, I feel a connection with doogie! See, funk not only moves, it can remove.

Yeah, Dre's Chronic sampled Mothership Connection I believe, but most kids nowadays are only familiar with Dre's 2001.

You like Funkadelic or Parliament more?


I never really thought about them as different groups, but I really don't like much of Funkadelic until Bootsy and Catfish joined up. I guess that means I like Parliament more, although I like most of Funkadelic also.


P-Funk is one of the geatest bands to ever walk the face of the earth.

If you can find it, buy the live 4-CD set they put out. I think it might be an import, as it was rather priceywhen I bought it 10 years ago (Jesus, I'm getting old), but it's worth every penny.

Something that's easier to find is the "Live Earth Tour" CD. Just one disc,but it's from the Mothership Connection tour and features a 12 minute "Dr. Funkenstein" that will put a hip in your dip and a glide in your stride.

Yes, you WILL DANCE, sucka!


Absolutely love funk, most notably James Brown and Funkadelic, I am a huge Eddy Hazel fan, check out is guitar work on "super stupid" or "maggot brain", great stuff, he is very underrated. As for James Brown, his band was one of the best ever, just a great group of musicians.


Yeah, the JB's actually consisted of Bootsy Collins and his brother (whose name I always forget, but he plays mean rhythm guitar) and Fred Wesley. Get On Up is one of my all-time favorite songs.

I'm curious if any of you guys know something about the sound on two of these CDs, on Mothership Connection, the thing that kind of sounds like a giant fart or a motor running, it's all over the CD. Is that Bootsy with some really weird effects on his bass?


Yup, that's Bootsy. He ran his basds through a shit load of effects that people generally only use on lead guitars: flange, wah-wah, etc.

Combine that with his habit of "swooping" up the frets and you got that sound.

If you like the Collins' brothers, get "Live at the Olympia" by James Brown. Liveshow from Paris in 1970 or 71. It's the only official release of James with the JB's. Catfish plays some shit that'll turn you white.


That's the only official release with the JB's? What about the live show with the full 10 minute Get On Up?

I do have another question about sound though, I hope I can describe this well, you know in One Nation Under a Groove, throughout the whole CD, and most prominantly in Promentalshitbackwashpsychosis Enema Squad, there's a high-pitched kind of squealing, I think it might be a guitar, but maybe keyboards, since in P.E. Squad, I can't really discern a keyboard unless that's the thing that makes that noise.


Just saw George Clinton and P-Funk last sunday. The stage mix sucked and it was a cluserfuck at times, but still a very cool show.


George Clinton is playing at my school next weekend. Booya.


You lucky b@astard.

Why must I be like that, why must I chase the cat?


Ain't nuthin' but the dog in you, brother.

Funk never grabbed me overall, though I dig bits and pieces here and there... but how in God's name could someone not love Sly and the Family Stone?


I was 3rd row for Jmes Brown here in Vancouver in January...he tore the roof off the sucker getting up offa dat 71 yr old thang!

talk about magnificant mobility at that ae!


Check it out now, The Funk Soul Brotha!"


You got it right...Mr. Bernie Worrell on the old-school keyboards.


Funk rules!!

I cant believe no-one has mentioned kool and the gang yet?!

fires up jungle boogie on itunes

Anyone a fan of the meters?


As a piano player, classically trained, I have to say that Bernie Worell is my hero. Listening to Flash Light today (I just bought Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome) I was absolutely mesmerized by his synth bass. Except for the part when Maceo enters in on his sax with that cool repeating riff, I couldn't stop listening 100% to the bass.

As for Sly, I have yet to buy one of their CDs... :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: I know, it's a sin. I've just been so funked up with the bomb since Star Child came on W-E-F-U-N-K.

I wanna get a big-ass James Brown box set (Star Time) and Sly & the Family Stone's Fresh and There's a Riot Going On next.


Ain't nothin but the dog in me.

Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay!