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Any T-Nation Firefighters?


For more reasons than I can list here, I have been deeply considering a career in firefighting. Recently, I am realizing this is something I won't wait to act on any further. I don't know any personally, although I have been frequenting some forums to get a better sense of what I am really about to get in to.

From what I understand, it takes a long time to become a full time employed firefighter. I am wondering if any successful firefighters here might have some insight that will help me develop a successful plan to accomplish this.



I'm an aspiring firefighter as well. I'm getting my metal ticket right now which I hope to continue doing if I become a firefighter (it's 4 days on, 4 days off right?). By the summer I want to get my first-aid and start volunteering as well. Any vets have any other advice?


What really sucks is that Atlanta is laying OFF firefighters. Also, the closest county that is even accepting volunteer applications is about 30 miles away. I am on my way to fill out the app though. Not gonna let something as petty as job unavailabilty stop me. :slight_smile:

I'll pack up my stuff and move to a completely new state if I have to. Dead set on doing this.

Any career firefighters have any constructive advice that helped you land your current job?


I've been working on becoming a firefighter for 4 years now. I've got the CPAT coming up next month for what is supposed to be the best Department in my state.

4 bits of advice:

1- Keep up your conditioning/GPP if you have to do the CPAT.

2- Be patient. All of the firefighters I've talked to had to work for years to get hired. One guy I know is the son of a Battalion Chief and it took him 6 years of applying and getting rejected to finally get hired.

3- Get your EMT-B certification as soon as possible. Some departments won't even look at your application if you aren't certified.

4- Check the websites of the cities you are interested in often. They usually only accept applications for a short period of time once every year or two, then they hire from that pool of applicants.


Metal ticket?