Any T-Men in Atlanta?

I was just curious, is there any t-men or Vixens here or near Hotlanta?

I live in Atlanta (Alpharetta)

I live in columbus which is about an hour south of columbus.

John U, Doug Santillo and Goldberg are also in that area.

Actually, what Goldberg is trying to say is that he lives at the South Pole…he’s just shy about admitting it. (It’s like one of those brain teasers that you had in junior high school: y’know, travel due east for an hour, end up at the same place…)

What ever happened to John U. ? I really enjoyed his posts when everyone was making their own version of Surge.

Damn, my bad. That was really stupid. haha

John is still around, I just don’t think he posts on the forum much anymore. He also moderates another forum on steroid use. I usually chat with him on ICQ or through email. He’s been sick for the last few months and has been trying to nurse himself back to health.