Any T-Juggalo's in the house?

This post was sparked by the angry music thread. If I have to explain than I guess the answer is no.

i dig 'em.

They suck more ass than Mike Piazza. Wait, he’s “not gay,” I forgot.

Right here

I second Daox. Horrible

No, but they sure make a great interview. I would’ve put my money on Sharon Osbourne had they gotten into a brawl on Howard Stern.

I hate to criticize people for their taste in music b/c I feel that it is so personal, but come on… these dudes need to check their drawers - their might be a vagina in their.

How can you like that shit

how can you not like it? its fuggin funny as hell.

What is a Jaggalo? He’s not a phony. He’ll walk right up and bust a nut in your macaroni.