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Any Sweaty Bastards Out There?

I am one sweaty dude. I sweat all the time and seem to be borderline hyperhidrosis if not fully so. Anyway I have just recently began taking creatine and have noticed that my sweating has all but ceased! I still have the heat in my body but when I reach up to touch my forehead all I feel is a dry but hot head and no sweat whatsoever. I have read that a more common outcome of creatine usage is a more pronounced sweating but not in my case and I am enjoying not looking like I have emerged fresh from the shower sans towel each time I go out with my friends. Any ideas how the creatine is doing this?

i have the same problem… i sweat like a beast. cant wear a tshirt more than one day. im about to go back on creatine tomorrow. ill see what happens

[quote]thosebananas wrote:
cant wear a tshirt more than one day. [/quote]

WTF? Who does?