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Any Supps for a 16 Year Old?

 well im not actually 16 yet.. i turn it in about 2 weeks though.. anyways as of now im just taking whey protein and a multivitamin.. i have a fairly healthy diet and workout every other day.. i do cardio 2-3 times a week.. are there any supplements i can take? cause most of them are only 18+.. or so they say on the boxes


The best supps of all: more food, water, sleep.

But then, you didn't tell us what your goals are, where you're at right now, etc. You're still growing, so many people would say you don't need supplementation. Supplementation is just that: supplementation! Get your food nailed down first.

There are tons of articles here that'll show you what to do. Check out the beginner's threads by Vroom (I think Vroom wrote them; someone correct me if I'm wrong).


well im trying to put on muscle.. im around 135-140 and 5-5.. my bf% is high but ive decided to put on maybe around 5 pounds or so of muscle before i start trying to lose some fat


Pick a program designed for beginners, eat some good food over 6 meals a day and sleep. You will lose some fat, gain some muscle and in a few months should have a better idea of how to proceed. You're not in a position to have precise goals at this point in my opinion. You say you're pretty soft now so how are you going to gauge that you've gained 5 pounds of muscle even if that were a useful focus for you. Check Vroom's beginner thread at the top of the beginner page.


well ive been working out for about a year.. been going pretty hard for only the past 4 months though.. i am eating 6 meals a day and getting 8.5 + hours of sleep a night




So what is it you're after? BTW, any food based supp is safe for anybody including kids in reasonable amounts. It's specialized versions of food everybody should be eating anyway.


so wat supp should i try next?


To be upfront with you, you're approaching this whole enterprise from the wrong perspective. Supplements are a useful tool, but they aren't going to make or break your progress, especially at this point. There is no magic pill. They supplement an already sound training and eating regimen.

If you already have that then you should be making ongoing measurable progress. If you are not progressing, supplements are not the answer.

In spite of all that creatine and protein are what I'd start with.