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Any Supplements/Vitamins that Should or Shouldn't be Consumed Starting TRT?

Is there anything that is recommended to take or not take while doing TRT? Just wondering if anything stands out that’s not a good idea.

I currently take:

Multi Vit/min eod
Vit C 1000mg eod
Crea Alkaline (Creatine) ~3-5g / day ed
Vit D3 8000iu + K2 ed
Organic Pituitary blend (kelp, Irish Moss, bladderwack, barberry, Nettle root, Pau D’arco) ed
Homosystex Plus (TMG,B12,B6 (p5p),Folate,Riboflavin) ed
Lithium Orotate 5mg once per week
…I was taking SAM-E but I cycled off and I may start that up again at some point.

thank you for your help and your time,

Can you outline why to take the last 3?

Multivitamin should suffice. Taking all those supplements could create confusion when trying to figure out why you dont feel optimized.

Vit D +K seems like he probably has a deficiency and zero sides. Creatine is a usable and effective supplement with little risk of side effects.

I suppose those two are fine. Its the other supps that are questionable.

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You know multivitamins don’t actually do anything, right? There’s a study on it. They’re actually all garbage. Other than that, it doesn’t look like anything that can hurt you.


These are EMP lightning stiks… so mineral / vita combo. It could be placebo but there’s some benefit with the mineral portion I believe.

Organic Pituitary blend (kelp, Irish Moss, bladderwack, barberry, Nettle root, Pau D’arco) ed
Homosystex Plus (TMG,B12,B6 (p5p),Folate,Riboflavin) ed
Lithium Orotate 5mg once per week

I included the SAM-E above because it is something I do take and I’m not sure if that was in question. So the Organic Pituitary blend I take for the Pituitary Adenoma I have… not sure if it helps or will help reduce it as I’ve only been taking it for a couple of weeks. The Homosystex is just good for methylation and helps the SAM-E activate (specifically the B12, Folate, and the TMG). It also helps to lower homocysteine. Lithium Orotate I take because I have depression and it’s also good for you as a supplement as we don’t get enough in our water supply anymore. I was taking it every day but cycled it back to once a week for now. Thks.

Yes… deficient in D as per my bloodwork and K2 is the add-on. To tell you the truth, I haven’t noticed any difference in taking D3 at 8000iu per day. But that’s neither here no there. Creatine helps me with the energy and workout recovery. Thks.

It’s better to just take the minerals on their own, and cheaper, honestly. And the creatine raises your HDL’s (A good thing, purportedly), but also gives an artificially high creatinine number on bloods and makes some guys more prone to sprains and tears. All it really does is increase intracellular water levels which increases your ATP capacity, but can be a little dehydrative.

The problem with those are that not all minerals and vitamins should be taken in combination at the same time. Some interfere with the other’s absorption. Also, some are better taken with food and others better on empty stomach. Also, most common multivitamins don’t use the best sources of vitamin and mineral.

Here’s what I take

Vitamin C 1000-2000mg
Methylcobalamin 1000mcg sublingual B12
Vitamin D 2000-5000iu
Vitamin K2 100mcg

Before bed:
Magnesium glycinate 400-600mg
Melatonin .05-2.5mg

For workout purposes:
Essential Amino Acids

I’d increase the Vitamin C to 1 GM daily at a minimum, but twice daily is optimal.
Personally, would not take Lithium or SAM-e.
Creatine will speed up hair-loss significantly via increased DHT conversion and cause more water retention. Take Glutamine 5GM daily to twice daily instead.

Ok… Creatine’s the only thing that’s working right now for me as far as energy is concerned. I tried Glutamine awhile ago but it was making me really edgy. I couldn’t find any studies about Creatine and hair loss and there seems to be 2 camps from the subjective side arguing one way or the other but I’ll look into it further. Appreciate the feedback… thks,.

So 1G of Vitamin C? That’s like 10x what I take right now (1000mg). Seems like too much. I can probably give up the SAM-E; it’s never really done much but it is good for your liver.

I take 2 grams of vitamin C daily. Makes a difference especially for adrenal function that can be effected by TRT.

Buy this from Amazon. It’s $8 for 2 months worth. It has been one of the single best supplements I’ve taken and my levels were mid range when I started. Regular B12 is crap. The methylated sublingual version is the shit.


It is good to take multivitamin, if you can afford it organic, vit c, vit d/k2, zinc, magnesium, fish oil and some workout supplements like creatine(whey protein I do not consider a supplement but food). All else to me seem waste of money

So far Ive been taking the one from Natural Factors(with the purple package you ve seen it im sure), do you think this one is better? Even when I have increased dose my levels do not seem to have been affected

If you aren’t taking the sublingual methylcobalamin (methylated B12) or B12 injections then you likely won’t get anything from it. Regular ol’ B12 ain’t worth a damn.