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Any Supplements I Should Avoid?


hi, im 20 years old and i have recently had some concerns about my high blood pressure with regards to supplementation my blood pressure was last recorded at 151/95 but im not sure how accurate the machine was. i read that Rez-V has effects with lowering BP, how much can i expect to reduce it by on a standard cycle? should i increase intake to account for higher BP or avoid it completely due to my age? i'm roughly 5 8 and 142lb so its not like i'm even close to obesity

also are there any ingredients i should completely avoid when supplement shopping? i do only tr to stick with the basic supplements and not go for anthing that hasn't been properly reviewed or researched b someone reputable.

thanks in advance


If you're 20 and your BP is that high, you need to see a doctor immediately.


i'd rather avoid the doctor if possible. it'd only make me more of a hypochondriac


On the contrary, it would help you avoid being a hypochondriac. I am a bit myself, and when I visit the doctor everything gets sorted out.

Go see a damn doctor.


Caffine, or any suplement that is an upper like NO2 avoid or your Blood pressure will stay high.


when you say NO2 are you refuring to a product or a group of products becasue i was under the impression that arginine lowered blood pressure?


It's not possible. You have a very high blood pressure for being so young. This is potentially life-threatening.


Hey, i'd rather avoid the doctors too..... But, i'd MUCH rather avoid hospitals. Not to mention, death.

Go see a fucking doctor.


cool. probs go to clinic tomorrow and set up an appointment. i'd just rather not have to take medication... makes me seem like i got something wrong with me lol


at the very least, the doc will retake your bp.

in lieu of medical advice, ive heard good things about cinnamon and coconut, and perhaps a healthy portin of cardio is in order


oh yeh that goes without saing regarding the cardio. actually doing some would help, i'm just concerned about what couuld possibly make it worse (besides obvious things like smoking, salt, poor diet) atm. i'm going to try to increase my potassium intake too as this has a positive effect on blood pressure i'm told.


When did you take your blood pressure? Was it right after or during training or anything else that would elevate blood pressure? If it wasn't then you do have something wrong with you and as was said so well by imhungry: "Go see a fucking doctor".

Also, if you're not sure as to how accurate the machine was, doesn't it stand to reason that you should get retested on a machine that is definitely accurate?


As a general high bp thing, and general well-ness, it may help to look at some of the resources on http://www.hypertensioninstitute.com/integrative-medicine/


How do you know your BP is high? How many times have you had it checked out? The norm is 6 times over 3 days (morning and night each day) to see if you actually have high BP and to make sure you're not just nervous when it is being checked. This happened to me I registerd 14-/8- but later on when i had donated blood i had a 120/80, then it was 114/78 when i got blood tests done my doctor.

I was extremeley nervous the first time (Marine check-up for OCS) and not at all the second two times.

Also, get blood work done. Everyone should get some done, you might as well do it now.


If you actually train and have big upper arms then I suspect part of the problem could be the size of the cuff being used to check your bp. The doctor had to use a larger cuff for me due to the fact the regular cuff was far too small (the thing was tight before he pumped it up). Also those bp machines at the pharmacy are way too small, I almost got stuck in one of those things before. As said, go see a doctor and they can help sort things out.


Your diasystolic is high i.e. the smaller number - 95. You can think of this as the pressure of the blood in your body if everything was completely relaxed, including no heart rate. This is often linked to diet/lifestyle etc. like high salt intake. But that could be for a lot of reasons including medication.

Some cardio will definitely help, even if it's a 20 minute walk. It all counts.

But absolutely go see a doctor; that kind of blood pressure is probably putting unnecessary stress on your kidneys and other parts of your body right this minute.


You do have something wrong with you; namely, high blood pressure.


saw a doctor today got tested and was told i was ok. the checked BP 3x and took an average which the otherplaces didn't do. this gae me time to relax and not get so anxious about the results and get a more accurate reading. can't remember numbers exactly but i'm fine by their standards, will increase cardio and potassium intake tho to be on the safe side. i think the original readings were mainly to do with nerves. i panic when getting tests to do with my heart. tends to screw up HR and BP results a little i guess

Waldo21212, trust me the machine was the right size... arms like pipecleaners.

cheers for the advice guys


Lay off the energy drinks and caffeine before you have a stroke, a BP that high for anyone is bad, for a 20 year old that is really bad.


I know that this has been somewhat resolved. But everyone should know that while your resting blood pressure is important, blood pressure during exertion is the most important factor. Your blood pressure numbers if plotted on a graph during exercise and recovery should form a diamond shape. In simple terms, your top number goes up during exercise while your bottom number goes down. This reverses as you begin to recover. If your numbers don't behave this way your heart is being put under unnecessary strain. While fish oil, vitamin E, and avoiding salt can help with a resting blood pressure, the effects on exerted blood pressure are usually not significant enough to rely solely on these practices.