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Any Sunglasses Afficionados Among Us?


Hi all,

I have decided to buy myself a decent pair of sunglasses. Until now I have never purchased a pair costing more than $50. I think it's time.

I've been researching sunglasses from:
Muai Jim
Ray Ban

... just to name a few. Does anyone have any input on the lens quality of these manufacturers (or one I haven't listed)? I've read so much info that I am more confused then when I started.

To be more specific, I am leaning towards poly (non-glass) lenses.


Kanye shades.


Ray Bans are really nice, but some of them are just too flashy. I like my Aviators.




Oakleys scratch easily.

Maui Jims are the best sunglasses I've ever worn. They're expensive, but they're worth it. Especially if you're going to be around water often.


+1 for the Maui Jim's.

Me and my wife both love our Mauis....they are super light. I barely notice they are there.


Oakleys Romeos/Juliets FTW. Robust, indestructible sunglasses; my friend's house burned down last year, but the glass frame was intact (minus the lenses and rubber bits). The Maui Jim line-up has nothing that can stand up to these 2 models.

Having said that, if I wasn't going for the romeos or juliets, I'd probably look into some maui jims.


I had Oakley's. I have a pretty small head and they were a rare pair that actually fit but my 2 year old son wore them one day and I have never seen them since.

Yea, they got a few scratches over the years, and while they were pretty good sunglasses, they are overpriced and there are definitely better ones out there.


I just got a cheap pair of photochromic lenses yesterday. The darkening effect isn't very noticeable but I like them thus far. To me, the order of importance is polarization, comfort, everything else. I lose sunglasses too fast to get expensive ones, so I got the Serengetis.


Oakley s...I swear by them....have 5 pair...go for the polarized...worth the extra money.


Ditto on the Maui's. Just put some good scratches on them last week, first deep scratches in 2 or 3 years of owning. Have had the Oakley's, I think they are overpriced and like said before, scratch easily. Maui's are super comfortable, really light.


1 for Oakley, I've had my current pair for 5yrs with no scratches (until later today, since I mentioned it). I have the wiskers, polorized about $250 but with a little care and caution they've been the best sunglasses I've ever owned.
Agreed the cheaper(under $100) Oakleys I've had we're not that hot.


Maui's or Revo

Revo's are basically higher end ray bans for not much more. I got a sick pair (anti-reflective, polarized, some scratch resistant coating) for about $300. Every time I put them on my eyes thank me.


The amount of money I spend on sunglasses is inversely proportional to the amount of time it will take me to lose them, scratch them, or otherwise destroy them.

I've had my $9 polarized no-namers for 3 years now with barely a scratch. The couple pairs of Oakley's that I've had never had a chance......


maui jim's

-My wife got me a pair, excellent clarity, pretty tough too. I have dropped them many times, no scratches or problems with the frame.

I honestly would never have spent that much money on a pair of sunglasses, but now that I have them, if anything were to happen to them I would buy another pair.


Oakleys scratch pretty easily and are really tight, which is great if you're going to use them as active wear type shades. Ray Bans are lighter, more stylish and are better to drive with and just relax with because they aren't as tight. Maui Jim's are basically the same as Ray Ban's, at least the pairs I've tried on.

I'd go with the Ray Bans.


I loved my Maui Jim's, but apparently they possess the ability to grow legs and walk away. So that's a strike against them.


I have never been able to hold onto a pair of sunglasses for long. In college, I went and spent over 250 bucks on some Gargoyles that folded up. Apparently, they looked so cool that someone decided to pick them up and keep them. That was the last time I spent hundreds on sunglasses. Considering I know people who can't even afford to keep their cell pphones turned on but who buy sunglasses that cost more than the iPhone, I can't bring myself to pay that much again.

Those Oakley Juliets do look good though.


Yeah I think if you're worried about getting them stolen you should probably just keep them in the car and use them for driving. I rarely use mine anywhere else.

Plus I think if you're walking down the street trying to look cool in your sunglasses you probably look like a toolbag.


That's still better than wearing them IN THE FUCKING GYM. There is one guy at my gym that does this. If he were more developed it might just create a "look" but since he looks very average, it makes it look like he is trying to look way more badass than he really is.

It's a little like yellow spandex pants. If you have legs like Ronnie Coleman, you can wear that shit and most people won't say a damn thing. However, if the last time you squatted MTV was actually playing real music, then leave the pants alone.