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Any suggestions

Ok here goes. I am 3 weeks away from finishing a 12 strength program and am wondering what to do next. I just finished reading about HST and is sounds great. My question is based on the fact that spring break is in april so that puts it about 4 months from now. What does anyone think I should do about training and diet for the next few months before my trip. I would think HST would be good right now because i my body would be primed for hypertrophy after a strength phase, but after that i am not sure. I have on hand 1 bottle of each: mag10, 4adec, 80 cap myostat, about 1/2 bottle md6. Any suggestions? By the way i am currently 5’5" at about 138# and guessing aroud 12% BF. thanks

You’re correct in assuming that your body is currently primed for growth after having just completed a strength program.

For your needs, HST would be very effective, especially if done correctly. However, most people have to tailor it slightly, and a second cycle of HST usually goes a lot more smoothly than the first, because you are more aware of what you need to change.

HST is an excellent program, and you should grow well on it. The only thing I would mention would be about your supplementation. HST really does not have enough volume to fully take advantage of an androgren cycle.

I have used Mag-10 in combination with HST, but at point, I had already completed two HST cycles and knew how to tailor the program to my needs.

If you choose to use an androgen, I would suggest 4AD, as it can be used for a longer period of time. I do not think you would get a great deal of benefit from using an androgen during the 15s microcycle, as the weight is relatively light.

Also, strength training is great after an androgren cycle to help solify your gains. Here is my suggestion. Set your program up in this manner: 15s, 12s, 10s, 10s, 8s, 8s, 5s, negs. Each of those numbers represents one week, obviously.

At that point, use the 4ad during the two weeks of 10s, and two weeks of 8s. The week of 5s and that of negs should help you really hold on to the gains you make.

If you choose to use the 4AD for longer, I would say to include it during the 12s and 5s, as well. You should make great gains.

Hope this helps.

Thanks a bunch john. Your ideas make perfect sense. I think i will follow the guidelines that you suggested. Any ideas on when to start in with the myostat and when would be a better time to incorporate the mag-10 to get the most benefit from it. Also what were you calories when doing HST. 500 above maintenance or more. Thanks

You can start taking the Myostat now; it works in such a way that it will be effective regardless of whatever other supplements you are taking. At least, so the research suggests.

The regulation of myostatin won't be influenced by androgens, so there is no need to stack it. Also, Myostat is a long acting supplement, so it would take a while to start working. The sooner you being on it, the better, I would think.

As for the Mag-10, I would save that for a little while. I would not really suggest using it during HST unless you feel like doing adding a lot more volume. It's a great program, but in the presence of an androgen, in order to take full advantage you would have to do maybe 3-4 circuits.

My suggestion is to give HST a try with 4ad as I have outlined. After that, maybe do another cycle of HST, with any androgens; give your endocrine system a break.

Following that, you may decide to cut, based on your body fat percent; if not, I suggest you go back to strength training for a month or so.

I would then give EDT a shot, and use the Mag-10 at that point Going from strength the hypertrophy training will once again get you ready to grow, and after 3 months without an androgen, you should respond beautifully to the Mag-10.

Hope this helps.

"My suggestion is to give HST a try with 4ad as I have outlined. After that, maybe do another cycle of HST, with any androgens; give your endocrine system a break. "

That was supposed to be "withOUT any androgens." Sorry, didn't proof read well enough.

Thanks again john. what about calories when doing HST?

My very first cycle I was cutting; about 400 below maintenance and gained about 6lbs of LBM. My second cycle I was went to 500 about and gained a few more.

Third HST cycle, upped the volume, modified the program a bit...added Mag-10 and gained 24 lbs in two weeks. Obviously there was some fat and water retention, but I was still very impressed.

Hope this helps.