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Any suggestions?

How little calories can I go without losing too much muscle? I am a 190lbs male, @14% BF and am consuming 2100 cal/day. 30%protein/30%carbs/40%fats. My protein coming from cottage cheese, chicken, whey for after workouts. Carbs coming from oatmeal and for after my workouts a banana. Fats coming from fish caps and flax seed oil. I workout 5 days a week for 40 minutes + 20 minutes low intensity cardio. I also take methoxy7 and themrmadrine with green tea. With what I have listed above I am not losing fat. What suggestions do you have to help me start losing fat again and not lose muscle. I am a little hesitant at this point because I usually end up losing quite a bit of muscle/strength whenever I have tried to do anything too radical in the past. ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED! :slight_smile:

Keep your calories where they are and try to create a larger negative energy balance by adding exercise. This will help you expend more calories, maintain RMR and maintain a better nutritional status by letting you still eat enough food to cover all the bases.

AS; that’s going to be WAY too individual to give one answer in terms of a number. What you will have to do is a)decrease your cals SLOWLY by about 250-500 cals per day, holding at a new level for a week at a time and b)monitor your body composition.

That should yield an answer that is specific for you. Hope this helps!

I would just keep everything the same and try upping the length and intensity of your workouts – especially the cardio. Maybe an hour of weights and then 20-30 min or higher intensity cardio. Make it sets of sprints and you might even build muscle. You might try a switching up your workouts to conform to one of the weight-loss workouts available in previous T-mag issues such as Meltdown Training, Fat to Fire, or the Bowlfull of Jelly article.

I get lean and maintain muscle by increasing my activity level rather than relying solely on decreasing caloric intake. Someone mentioned the Meltdown Training - it’s something you should consider.

It seems all here, so far, are in agreeance in our answers about this thread.

You guys have actually helped me with this post! After years of yo-yo dieting and struggling with weight, my “reflex” response to creating a caloric deficit is via decreasing cals…

These guys are right, AS…up exercise intensity and cardio FIRST…

Definitely, as mentioned by others, increase energy expenditure if possible. You should notice a substantial difference if you increased, over time, your cardio. Read some of Berardi’s suggestions. Try doing first thing in the morning cardio if you lift in afternoon/evenings and also a cardio session after weights. There are endless ways to do this but it is dependent upon your schedule. Bottom line is that it is easiest to lose the fat by increasing the caloric deficit through exercise rather than diet. A second option, if your male, would be to do a fat fast or similar plan while on androgens. In this regard you could drastically cut calories and maintain lean mass.

I totally disagree with you guys. I find that if I keep my calories too high, and do excess cardio in addition to my workouts, I get overtrained very quickly, feel like hell, and lose muscle. I prefer to drop calories to BW X 10, and carbs to about 100 grams per day, supplement WELL, and shorten rest time between sets during workouts ala body comp training. As my fat losses slow, and if I still need to lose more bodyfat, only then will I add cardio. Why take in more calories than your body NEEDS only to stress yourself burning them off with needless cardio?? If you don’t put it IN, you won’t have to take it OFF.

Thanks, you guys have been a great help. :slight_smile: