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Any Suggestions on Cycle?


week, test-andropen, clen, var
1, 275mg/TWICE WK
2, 275mg/TWICE WK
3, 275mg/TWICE WK, 20-60mcg/day, 30mg/day
4, 275mg/TWICE WK, 60-120mcg/day, 30mg/day

week ,test-andropen, win (oil based)
5, 275mg/TWICE WK, 100mg/E3D

week, test-prop,var, clen,win (oil based)
6, 100mg/E3D,50mg/day, 100mg/E3D
7, 100mg/E3D,50mg/day, 20-60mcg/day,100mg/E3D
8, 100mg/E3D,50mg/day, 60-120mcg/day,100mg/E3D
9, 100mg/E3D

*arimidex .25mgs/EOD wks 1-12


Cycle experience, stats?

This looks like you were trying to put together a cutting cycle?


3 previous cycles.oral winny, winny and test e, teste and deca. 4yrs training. have lots of bmx training backround since a young age. honestly, first 3 cycles I did carelessly and not planned. but I have learned frm it. how does this cycle look?


It looks a bit confusing. It looks as though you plan on injecting winny E3D. Is this correct?


EOD* sorry bout that


Maybe this is more understanding:

1-4 andropen
3-4 clen
5-8 prop/win
6-8 var
7-8 clen

I am going to prolly get more test and run it a lil longer.

I will also be running .25mg of adex EOD and run it lil longer off the cycle.

I have otc novedex xt, tribulus, glucosimine and milk thistle I plan on taking.

Do I need more for pct?


Yes, you need more for PCT. Nolva or Clomid at a minimum.

Your gonna run Test the whole 8 weeks, correct? You haven't used clen before, correct?

You can run the Winny ED for 8 weeks. Much nicer that way. Especially as you lean out.


never ran clen. test for the whole 8 wks. so, u think I should get more win? how much win ED? I have oil based win 10ml/100mg.

wat do u think about adding HCG?


if I were to run winn the whole 8 wks I would do 50mg/day and I would need two more 10ml vials. Do you think this is necessary with 150/10mg anavar tabs and the 100 tabs clen on hand? also is the arimidex doing anything for me for pct? I had a different judgment on dex before but I keep seeing nolva/clomid.


I like the Winny between 25-50mg/ED.

I'm a big advocate of HCG use. 250ius E3D.


Preferrence is for SERM over AI for PCT. ADex = AI, Nolva/Clomis = SERM.

Google SERM and AI. Or see the sticky for some basic easy to read info.


understandable that you would prefer SERM over AI since AI prevents the estrogen converson, this is not necesarly what your body needs since your body still needs to produce small amounts of estrogen....SERM is exactly what i need. one thing i wasnt to clear on though. would i be fine using one during my cycle (SERM or AI)??...without a dout though, i will not begin this cycle without adding SERM.just wanted to know if i could. i will probably be adding tomoxifin, and HCG to cycle...would the HCG be necessary to add if i get the tomoxifin (nolva)??

i previously had a really bad case of deca **ck this is why i strongly been wanting to add HCG too cycle. also thought about adding proveron.

what do you think?



Re-read my post. SERM for PCT, AI during cycle.

HCG and Proviron are great.