Any Suggestions on a Good Tren Cycle

For that reason wouldn’t the stasis make sence? You end the TE and drop to a low does of test for 6 weeks. By the end, all the TE is gone, your other systems are more stable and you’re ready to come off.

The thing is, why be at intermediate levels for a long time, instead of either of the two optima: high levels giving great gains, or levels low enough to allow good recovery?

“Filling in” with TA in the last couple of weeks instead of TE, or using any other effective short-acting method, can allow levels to stay high to within just 3 or 4 days of dropping low enough to allow good recovery.

I’m just not a fan of spending weeks in limbo, with neither high enough levels for good gains nor low enough levels for good recovery.

OK after alot of looking I think I have found a solid source.I’m crossing my fingers and hop to start the cycle by april by may 1 at the latest.

Week 1-4 dianabol at 50mgs every day
week 1-10 Tren acetate at 50mgs every day
weeks 1-12 test enathanate at 750mgs a week so I’ll take 375mgs twice a week
I also plan to frontload the test e.I think it works out to 1050mgs for the first injection.Can anyone confirm the rate ratio???
adex at .25mgs every other day weeks 1-14
Nolva for the PCT at 40mgs a day 2 weeks then 20mgs a week for 2 weeks.

Let’s here what u think as well as how u think I should handle the frontload(injuction spots and how much) as well as how to deal with the daily Tren acetate shots.

Look forward into hearing the good and the bad as well as if u think there is anything I should add to this cycle.


Last is tren acetate dosed usually at 100mg’s per mg and is tren enanathate usually dosed at 200mgs per mg?

Test e frontload should be 900mg on Day 1 followed by your regular bi-weekly 375mg injections.

Cycle looks OK. I would go 8 weeks with the test enanthate. Normally shorter, higher dosed cycles are more productive and easier to recover from than lower dosed long ones. In your case, the dose is not low, but I would still go with 8 weeks to facilitate recovery.

If you want to stretch test to 10 weeks, just change to the prop ester for weeks 9-10 while the enanthate ester serum level drops adequately to allow for PCT in week 11. With the cycle you proposed, you won’t be starting PCT until week 15. That’s a long time to be suppressed.

Also, I would go with at least 0.25mg/d Adex while on both dbol & test. I would actually use 1mg/d myself, but you should definitely adjust adex dose based on how you feel. I would frontload Adex at 1mg on day1 since you are frontloading test e and dbol aromatizes heavily.

So the way I see it:

W1-8: Test e 375 mg 2x/w (900 mg on Day 1)
W1-8: Tren ace 50mg/d
W9-10: Test prop 100mg/d
W1-10: Adex 0.25 - 1 mg ED based on E2 level syptoms (in the high end while on both test & dbol) (Frontload 1mg on Day 1)

W11-14: PCT: Nolva 40/40/20/20 (start 3 days after last test prop injection).

Note: If you don’t feel like buying prop (expensive mg/ml and availability), you can move the dbol to weeks 7-10 and continue it past the enanthate finish week 8 for an added boost at the end of your cycle and to ratchet up gains during the two weeks that test e is draining from your system.

Thanks dynamo very informative.

Another great cycle is Tren/Test/Mast!!

That looks like a very sweet and fun cycle. Pretty damn solid bulker IME.

Yeah my next 2 cycles will be pretty much deca and test e and test prop.Then deca and test cyp and dianabol with the usual nolva for pct and adex or lethro.Both with test prop to start them out.I plan on running these cycles for 8-10 weeks.

Dynamo gives some good suggestions. I especially like the 2-1 ratio of test to tren. A lot of guys out there use 3-2 or 5-3 ratios. I tend to favor something closer to 2-1. Shoot I know someone who did almost 4-1. A little tren can go a long way.

[quote]saps wrote:
A little tren can go a long way.[/quote]

Ain’t that the truth!

never had a prob with tren-a if keep blood concentrations constant, ie ed inj’s + pair with test. The 8wks seems like a long time for tren, at least from what I’ve read. I’m no expert, but generally i see guys kinda draw the line at 6wks as a recommendation. quick in, quick out…don’t keep the system down for too long. make sure you keep the water intake up or you’ll get cramping like an s.o.b-lower back etc. A lot of guys like to do the classic tren, prop, winny combo. look at I like Bill Roberts “wood-o-meter gauge”-hilarious, but true.

Just a couple of quick questions.

I’ve been told to use monoject 1?2 inch needles to shoot the tren because u are shooting every day.Is this the exact name?

Also are they hard to draw the solution into them.

Can u use them for the shoulders and quaads?

Can u use 1" for the glutes?

What is the front load formula.I’ve been given 900mgs on a 750mg a week cycle.

I’m just wondering how the load formula works for 400mg a week of deca(future cycle).

Last what dose of dbol is recomended for the first 4 weeks of a tren and a deca cycle?


[quote]Quickthinkin wrote:
Another great cycle is Tren/Test/Mast!![/quote]

I cant see why you’d use tren AND Mast…?


Becuse Mast+Tren makes you waaay harder and helps prevent what I refer to as “fat man syndrome”. Tren makes me breath really heavy while working out and made it hard to catch my breath. Added in Masteron and BOOM. Workout capacity skyrocket and could breath normally. Not to mention I could suddenly carb up 2x as well on the same amount of carbs.

Masteron may not be a great mass builder, but god damn does it make you feel great lol. And its fairly inexpensive if your only taking 300mg/week.

Good stuff, thanks!

Maybe if you tried Mast alone, you’d see that the tren wouldnt be as necessary… just a thought.

Hey if anyone can answer my questions on my last post it would be appreciated.

Also how could mast be fitted into this cycle

wks 1-11 test enath 750mgs a week
wks 1-10 tren acetate 350mgs a week
wks 1-4 d-bol 50 mgs a day
wks 11-13 test prop 70mgs a day
wks 1-13 adex at .25.mgs ED.
wks 14-17 nolva at 40mgs 2 weeks.20mgs 2 wks
enath frontloaded at 90mgs
adex frontloaded at 1mg.

Might have to up the adex to .5mgs a day but will have to wait and see.

My cycle has changed a few times mainly due to more info coming my way but I think this will be it unless there is a good arguement to fit mast in.

[quote]deafwoody wrote:
Just a couple of quick questions.

I’ve been told to use monoject 1?2 inch needles to shoot the tren because u are shooting every day.Is this the exact name?[/quote]

They are insulin pins i believe, without searching - that is your obligation.[quote]

Also are they hard to draw the solution into them.[/quote]

You need to back fill them - take the plunger out, pour the oil in the top and put the plunger back (as you simultanously(sp?) rotate the pin back to the up position)[quote]

Can u use them for the shoulders and quaads?[/quote]

If your body fat is low enough. It isnt the thickness of the pin that is important in this regard, it is the length.[quote]

Can u use 1" for the glutes?[/quote]

If your BF% is low enough…[quote]

What is the front load formula.I’ve been given 900mgs on a 750mg a week cycle.[/quote]

Not sure what half this question means, but i’d use roidcalc to workout the frontload to a decent accuracy.[quote]

I’m just wondering how the load formula works for 400mg a week of deca(future cycle).[/quote]

See above. Revise this ‘future cycle’ too.[quote]

Last what dose of dbol is recomended for the first 4 weeks of a tren and a deca cycle?[/quote]

There is no recommended dose for THIS cycle! You need to research seriously. This is a bad cycle with sides far out weighing the gains.[quote]


Hmm… the questions you asked seem to display quite a lack of knowledge - and i am sure that is why you are here - but just asking a list of questions is NOT the way to learn. You need to get reading the articles and profiles on other steroid sites. Serious.

Not to mention utilize google, you’d easily get info on Monoject sryinges, searching this site you’d get info on the formula for frontloading easily.


Yeah I reread my post and realized I messed up on a couple things.

The test E will be frontloaded at 900mgs.

Also this cycle will have tren in it and the next cycle will have deca replacing the tren.So I def won’t be running 2 nor19’s together.I do have the formula and just wanted to be sure my calculations came out right for the frontload.

I agree though with the google.I can be lazy though.Not a good quality.

Also managed to grab some 5/8" 25 gauge syringes.So I’ll use those on the delts.I had 1"25 gauge last cycle.Took a little bit to draw into the syringe and inject but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t deal with so I’m good to go.

I appreciate u answering the questions Brook

[quote]Dirty Gerdy wrote:
Brook wrote:
this is not true. Shutdown isnt the harsh bit, it is the very high androgen content.

It affects appetite, sleep, mood in a very potent way (apparently).

By your reasoning Deca would be as ‘harsh’ as tren… but it is absolutely not.

I havent used tren, but i have used enough steroids to know that if i took one that had the sides that tren can give, then in my mind i would consider it harsh. As i do halo, and methyltrienolone… it is very very high androgens that are harsh on the body.

As for the kidney issues… all i know is that one guy pissed blood on this site after using a high dose tren cycle, and many more have increased urea in their stream.



I’m not going to lie. My urine has been quite a bit darker since going ‘on’. Sometimes it has a funky smell to it too (no I’m not smelling my piss) but I can smell it when I go.

It has affected mood, appetite, and sleep as well. When I’m in the gym I love it…otherwise it can get kinda crazy. I’m glad I’m a mellow person, but still find myself getting pissed at stuff that shouldn’t bother me, I know before it wouldn’t have but now for some reason it does. Driving in Socal traffic for one. lol


I’ve been on 37.5 mg of tren ace ed for the past 2 weeks stacked with 750 mg pf test e per week and I’ve noticed some uncomfortable sides. I’m definitely more irritable, my cardio is shit, amy piss is brown, and I generally feel like shit. That said, I’ve gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks and my strength has gone through the roof. I’m going to try to stay on the tren for 4 more weeks but I’m not sure I can take it.