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Any Suggestions for Treating Anxiety?


I have been dealing with anxiety for quite some time. It comes and it goes, I go through stretches of a week where I am fine then it comes and it becomes overwhelming. I'm just tired of dealing with the bad times when it comes.

I tried Lexapro and Wellbutrin and those were both terrible and now I am trying Lamictal because I was told it helps with minor anxiety but I have to wait 6 weeks for it to kick in. Anyone have any suggestions for over the counter things that may take the edge off?


Supposedly Brain Candy is supposed to be good for stuff like that. I have anxiety as well but have not and never will take prescription drugs for it. I rather identify the source of the anxiety and eliminate that.


What was it about the Wellbutrin and Lexapro you didn't like? They are both anti-depressants and some users reports anxiety as a side effect. Different drugs work by different methods (e.g. SSRI's), so sometimes you have to work with your doc to get the right one for you. Maybe avoiding things like caffeine, sugar, etc. might help as well. If you want something that is cheap and often seems to be really effective, look into breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, etc. Sometimes they are considered a bit hokey, but I've seen them do amazing things with anxiety.


No don't really on medication for anxiety it doesn't work like that, I am not saying jump off all medication right now, just that you should wean under proper care of a doctor if you are on anything.. Anxiety is just a stress response of the body to certain thought patterns, you just need to remove your fear of symptoms and have a 100% acceptance of everything.

I was on meds for five years and it did not work at all, I recovered using some tips I got from in my opinion the only info necessary for recovery from anxiety ever needed.

Its a book called "At Last a Life" by Paul David. It will literally cover everything you need.


Try "st johns wort" they sell it at GNC and I used to sell it to people who needed more seratonin. My roommate's brother is also depressed and he takes it as opposed to anti depressants. I have also heard that it is used quite extensively in european countries for treating depression and anxiety. It's worth a shot, it's not that expensive and it is much less taxing on your body than prescription meds.


Here's some advice from someone that dealt with serious anxiety every night before bed, for about 6 straight months. Find what is causing the anxiety and deal with it. If that means going to a psychologist, then do it. I did and have not had to use xanax in over 2 years.


With very little to go on, just a suggestion / question - have you always had this problem? Have you had your T levels tested (assuming your male)?


If bourbon had a catch phrase it would be, "takes the edge off."


In all seriousness have you looked into Tylenol? In the last 6 months I have read a few articles about relieving anxiety and emotional stress with acetaminophen.

Here is one of many articles that came up on Google just now.


Have you had your T levels checked? What are they?

I went through close to the same thing. The anit depressants made things worse or at least a hell of a roller coaster ride.

I finally had my t levels checked. They were in the high 200's low 300's. Lucky for me even though they weren't always out of range my doc wanted to try t injections.

Since ive had T levels in the 500's-1000's I havent had one stitch of anxiety/ panic attacks since. Overall a way more level head and much nicer person in general.

Somewhere for you to start anyway.


Have you tried nootropics?

L-theanine is like cloud 9 in a pill.

phosphatidyl serine
bacopa monneri

Are all good anti-anxiety noops. If you could find them in one product, you'd be set. Google stuff like "neuroplasticity" "mind nutrition" "anxiolytic nootropics" etc...

That said, I had anxiety in the past, and like others in this thread have said, changing the way you think about your triggers should still be your first priority. These things just help.


I bet it also gave you a nice little edge in the gym as well lol, Don't you have to be a certain age to get t boosters I mean they have got to take in various factors and a background of your health before prescribing something like that right? If OP is under 30 and has never had issues regulating his hormones I would find it a bit pressed to jump on T boosters. Or maybe I have no real clue lol


You bet your ass it gave me a boost in the gym, and everything else i did in life. We are not talking about T boosters. We are talking about injecting test itself. Test boosters are all pretty much garbage IMO.

I was well under 30 when i started T injections. All labs came back normal except for T levels. I cannot say exactly why i had low T to begin with.


Damn, well glad to hear man, good for you!


Sometimes only time heals. Drugs aren't always great as you well know (i've had anxiety and been perscribed drugs). just tell the doc and keep trying til you find something that works. your doctor should work with you to find a good solution. tried Xanax? I had panic attacks which felt like I was going to (or at least wanted to) die. felt like an elephant was on my chest. I tried marijuana for it (legal in california) and it helped immensely. If i still had panic attacks, I would still be smoking. I got hooked so be careful with that...


I should have also suggested ashwaghanda. talk it over with your doctor. i have tried it with pretty good success. at higher doses, it has been reported to increase anxiety. american ginseng also has a calming effect.