Any Suggested Additions to Current TRT Protocol? (Test, Enclomiphine, MK-677, IGF-1 LR3, L-Carnitine)

I’ve been on TRT for a several months now, and am on the following:

-Test Cypionate 200mg/wk

-Enclomiphine Citrate 25mg/wk (will be switching to HCG soon)

-MK-677 25 mg/day (considering switching to tesamorelin/ipamorelin soon)

-IGF-1 LR3 20mcg/day prior to training (just started this past week, and know I will cycle in short durations)

-L-Carnitine 500mg/day prior to training

Backstory: I competed in powerlifting at a high level for 8 years, and then the past 2 years was extremely sick, weak, and fatigued (and my body comp went down the tubes) due to auto-immune conditions that worsened. I’ve gotten those issues pretty close to fully resolved with a Functional Doc, and then my Test and IGF levels were low so I began HRT as well. I’m feeling pretty good, but am looking to see if there’s anything else I should be considering to get in the best shape possible. I’m committed to going from the sickest I ever was to the best shape.

I’m on a very strict whole food diet with my macros tightly controlled, sleep is very solid, and other recovery methods are being used.

I gained a little fat around my mid-section this past year, and thankfully have gotten from 17% BF down to 14 at the same BW and want to keep pushing it a little closer to 10%

Any suggestions or things that you all have found helped for muscle growth, fat loss, energy, mood? I’m being mindful about health so I’m not trying to push into a full AAS cycle.

You’re already not far off from that man.

Can you clarify this for me? You can get to 10% without anything additional to what you’re already taking, FWIW.


Did your doctor put you on IGF1, or is it self medicated? That’s a heavy duty peptide, that has quite a few drawbacks; if you are self medicating…

My peptide usage (no AAS:though looking at TRT, review process has begun) is dual saturation dose (100mcg or 1mcg/kg) of GRF(1-29) and GHRP-6; if you are going down the Ipa path (dump the MK-) swap it for GHRP-6, but keep the GRF-1 as they work in synergy.

Dose every 3 hours when fasted (I do 3 pulses / day, over 9 hours; then eat) and do as much movement during those pulses as is possible ie walk around, jump up and down on the same spot on work calls etc. If you don’t burn the freed up FFAs…they’ll just be reattached.

Obviously a fat burner of choice would be a help here. I also highly recommend 500mg Berberine (ideally with Black Pepper Extract) per pulse…will do alot more than your Carnatine.

Why would Berberine be used pre-workout?

Could you explain this in a bit more detail please?


this is dosed by body weight.

post a pic.

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Yes I suppose me sharing the BF % issue wasn’t completely relevant and should be attainable as you said. I just know part of my goal is to decrease my BW gradually as I recomp. Good point.

I kinda figured haha. Just trying to see if there’s anything adjunct I should be considering so I have all my bases covered.

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This is all through my doctor, nothing is self-medicated. My IGF levels were low in my last few blood tests before starting the IGF-1.

I’ve had bad stomach issues with Berberine for whatever reason. I like the benefits (particularly for helping to avoid insulin sensitivity problems), but my stomach does not agree with it at all.

I need to take an updated pic, but my current bodyweight is 197lbs (at 5’9). I’m going to take updated pictures and re-test my body comp here soon and will post as part of this.


Why such a low dose and why while on TRT? I’ve not seen anything conclusive showing SERMs maintain fertility while on TRT/AAS. Do you have some blood work showing this works? Thanks

The enclomiphine was just what my former HRT clinic had available (they couldn’t get HCG compounded anymore), and from what I gathered, enclomiphine has been the next best thing. At my new clinic HCG is available so I’ll be switching to that shortly.

You should be extremely cautious with both of these. IGF-1 LR3 has essentially zero studies and the effects of this peptide especially long-term are unknown. It is also not real IGF-1 but is an analogue and the LR3 addition significantly increases the half life (20-30 hours) as compared to IGF-1 Des (20 -30 minutes) or real IGF-1 such as Increlex which is about 3-4 hours.

Ibutamoren/MK-677 is also much less safe than people claim it to be. You would be far better of sourcing real GH. MK-677 causes extended spiking of GH in a very unnatural way and has a much longer half life than HGH. You can ramp up insulin resistance very quickly with this compound. If you continue to use this compound you should be very careful and monitor your blood glucose levels daily.

I think it is reckless and negligent for for Doctors or clinics to be prescribing either of these compounds to people. Especially when they aren’t transparent about the high potential for adverse effects and how to monitor for and/or mitigate them.

Thank you for the thoughful input. I am definitely respecting the power of the IGF-1 and the Ibutamoren. After I finish my current prescription of the Ibutamoren I’m likely going to switch to Tesa/Ipamorelin, and I’m only doing a short cycle of IGF-1 (partially because my IGF-1 was so low and I’m trying to bounce back from losing a lot of muscle and strength.

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think it is reckless and negligent for for Doctors or clinics to be prescribing either of these compounds to people. Especially when they aren’t transparent about the high potential for adverse effects and how to monitor for and/or mitigate them.

Agreed…why I thought he was self medicating the IGF; doctors prescribing research chemical peptides is…odd. Especially when IGF has legitimate researched variants.

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