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Any Successes with Long Term Test Prop for TRT?

There are some anecdotes around of men who couldn’t get dialed in on Test C/E and always felt “meh”, for lack of a better term, who tried daily Test P and felt much better.
Better libido, mental clarity, etc…

One of the theories is that with constant high levels of T, dopamine receptors get desensitized which over time leads to anhedonia, loss of libido, etc…and with the short esther and variations in T levels more closely resembling natural fluctuations when using Test P, the benefits of high T are felt much more strongly and can be sustained much longer, if not indefinitely.

In most of those cases though there was no follow up on the Test Prop protocols, or that person stopped using Test P for one reason or another.

Has anyone successfully used Test P long term for TRT? Any comparison with Test C/E? What benefits/downsides?

I’d suggest daily Test Prop injections wouldn’t create that much fluctuation…

Whats the half life?

Have a play with steroid plotter maybe?

Its interesting as there’s been a few theories etc banded about recently that “stable,” levels are necessarily the holy grail.

Personally I’m currently on a Sustanon eod/e3d protocal. Its got my levels stable but with some variation and I feel pretty good for it. There’s an element of prop in Sustanon.

Maybe dont suggest if you dont know? Reality is daily bloods in others show up to 40% drops peak to trough. So much so, that they cut the prop 40/60 or 50/50 with cyp to get a 20% drop.

The OP wants long term success stories from real people, not some plotter with bogus half lifes. Reality shows a half life of 0.8 days or even slightly less, not the two days given in textbooks.

Clearly my choice of language passed you by slightly.

By saying I suggest and to have a look at plotter its pretty clear I was saying I don’t know from experience and am guessing- but might be worth looking at the plotter as a starting point

Out of interest what is the half life of prop and what does plotter have it at?

Quick play with it and it shows a nearly exact 40% drop as you stated.

Clearly my suggestion was incorrect- however the latter part of what I said agrees with what you were saying completely so ed seems best with prop.

Be interesting to hear when people find it best to inject it- before bed, in the morning or midday?

I find these prop/cyp blends interesting- why not just use sustanon if you want a blend of prop and longer ester?

If I’m reading that correctly, the constant high levels are not beneficial, to the contrary, highs/lows are better tolerated long term. So wouldn’t that imply that weekly doses of C/E would be better as opposed to the current norm of more frequent C/E injections to keep levels stable?

Maybe don’t suggest if you don’t know. The ester isn’t the only thing that impacts half life. The carrier oil matters, the individual it is injected into matters, etc.

I wouldn’t have even bothered to respond, but I thought your response to @roadie was rude.