Any Success with GOMAD?

Gallon Of Milk A Day.

Thinking about giving this a shot. Was wondering if any of you guys have had success when doing this? Or a complete failure. If you had good success what program were running with? Almost seems to easy. Though I do understand getting a gallon down a day may not be as easy as I think.


If you are super skinny with a great metabolism it may be worth a shot. I dont recommend anything that drastic though.

I think a scoop of whey in 10oz of milk after 2-3 meals is a more sane approach to getting bigger.

Most people who try to take the easy route to ‘bulking’ just get too fat.

Thing is, GOMAD is about 2.5k calories by itself. The upper limit in terms of calorie needs of any person just starting (who will usually entertain the idea of GOMAD) would probably be around 6k calories.

If you need 6k, then GOMAD would be pretty reasonable. That would leave 3.5k in whole foods and such, which is a good bit. What doesn’t make a lot of sense to me would be, say, someone doing GOMAD and only taking in 4k calories per day. Then, you’re only talking about eating 1.5k calories of actual food.

That said, GOMAD has worked for some, and it will work for others later on. Give it a shot for a couple of weeks and see whether it’s what you need.

So, how big are you? What are your goals? How many cals/day are you currently consuming?

I was drinking 4L of milk every day for a while, tried various types too (chocolate, 2%, 3.5%), but I ended up with a LOT of body fat. I probably could have been lifting more, that was in my first year of training, but I cut off over 20lbs when I gave it up, and I’m not a big guy right now (went from almost 150 to below 130 at my leanest, after a few months of very low carb eating.)

If you do end up going mad, I would suggest closely monitoring your body fat levels and scaling intake back if you’re packing on too much, and then scaling it up as your needs increase.