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Any Success with Gels or Creams?

Hey guys, has anyone had any success with gels or creams? I might have to come off injections. I’m responding to well to testosterone but even at 100 mg and 80 mg a week my haematocrit is way too high at 55. Do you guys think that I I would have similar success with gels or creams, but with less affect on haematocrit and red blood count?

Gels and creams suck if your applying to shoulders stomach legs and etc. don’t even bother. They work for a short period but eventually people smarten up and switch.

Cream applied to the scrotum is awesome. It’s night and day vs cream applied to the underarm or shoulders. I was on injections and switched. I like the way I feel on the cream.

The further away I get from my last injection the better my mood and labido have become.

Ok so what cream do you recommend and what dosage to apply daily to scrotum? How do labs look compared to injections? Libido?

There is not a specific brand that should be recommended to my knowledge as they are usually made in a compounding pharmacy. Use a well respected compounding pharmacy and you should be good. Dosage will vary from person to person, I apply 8 clicks a day only in the morning of a 20% cream. I can’t say how labs would compare as I have never used injections. I can tell you at one point I was up over 1000 total t but dropped after switching from a 10% to a 20% cream. According to last labs I was around 850, I believe the 20% cream I do not absorb quite as well as the 10%. I have read though that you may convert more to estrogen though as the aromatization enzymes live in the skin. I believe it may be true but I cannot verify as again I haven’t used injections but I have had higher e2 and had to use an AI. I need to get labs for hematocrit though as I have not had any taken since starting. Sorry I can’t answer directly to your main question on hematocrit. My hemoglobin though has been good the couple times I went into donate and I believe there is correlation there with hematocrit, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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I had excellent success with testim gel but could not afford it at 300 a month. I tried 20% creams and they did not work for me.

I though this was interesting its a post from my doc on another forum. Sounds like it might make more E2.

Yeah when I first started and had been lurking in here a while I thought cream I wouldn’t have to worry about e2. The thought that more frequent injections should minimize aromatization so figured everyday application of cream I had it in the bag. Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case for me. A fellow gym member that was on the same cream with no ancillaries until having to add an AI had the same issue. He has since moved to injections so after he has stabilized I’ll have to ask if he was able to drop the AI. Dr. Crisler is who I read that stated the aromatization issue and he was considered an expert in this field so I will put some credence in what he said.

@rise80 if your SHGB is mid range to low (not single digit) you can get away with a lot less T and get the same bang for your buck. 80-100mg/wk can put your Free T at the top of the range and that is the goal. At 80-100mg/wk no AI would be needed even if you added HCG.

My SHGB is 29 right now and I do just fine on 100mg/wk I only do two shots a week. I tried more shots and it did nothing but burn thru supplies faster. My E2 did not go up from M/W/F to M/T

Honestly not sure where my shbg is at, docs have never had it tested but always believed I was somewhere midrange based on my ratio of total to free when I first tested. I have thought about switching to injections, just as a matter of convenience. It’s a pain in the ass to me having to standing around naked to let my balls dry to get dressed or worry about getting wet especially while on vacation. Then curious if it will fix my e2 being high as I dont wsnt to be on an AI. Only thing holding me back is my doc is actually more expensive on injections.

So guys being Canada no compounding pharmacies and I’ll post what my only options are. Good thing is my insurance covers 90% of the cost.

Also guys look at today’s labs. Everything looks good except the usual suspects. Hemoglobin, hematocrit and red blood count. They game me an EPO test results pending. I told them I have no symptoms at all. I’m afraid they will forward a letter to my Endo recommending I stop. Should I stop? And if so for how long? 4, 6 weeks? Here are the labs

Yup resiculousoy expensice becuse it’s trademarked or some shit

I hate to question as you live there, but googling there are some Canadian compounding pharmacies show up. Could they just not show up under your insurance?

If you have links let me see. I’d be curious.

Actually there’s one right beside me lol. Not sure how this would even work.

Google Association of compounding pharmacists of Canada you can get a list/map of compounding pharmacies

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As I’m not sure on how your healthcare works up there but you may have to go private. You could always call it and ask for physicians that prescribe testosterone therapy in your area if you can’t get your doc to use them.

Cream should be a lower price then those gels you posted above even without insurance

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But those posted ones are pretty cheap. The $205 one would only cost me $20 a month.

I pay $40 for close to 3 months. It would be 3 months if I didnt need to apply as many clicks as I do. How much you paying for your injections?

The reason I ask is because testosterone bu itself is not a trademarked drug and a cream is not either. Therefore they should be similar pricing. Gels are trademarked drugs by big pharma raising prices.

I do wish my insurance paid that well though. Damn how would that be

I pay $10 for a 5 ml testosterone enanthate bottle 200 mg/ ml that lasts 10 weeks