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Any Success Moving TRT Treatment from Clinic to PCP?

Hello, sorry if there is already another topic in forum, I might be starting TRT with clinic soon. Looking ahead down the road after I feel comfortable, I may decide to move my treatment (prescriptions) over to an in-network PCP or Urologist that accepts my insurance.

Has anyone have success with this scenario and/or any advice? Thanks.

Nope. I moved from a clinic to an Endo. Over a couple year period he lowered my dose again and again and again. He was treating numbers not symptoms even with a TT of 750 he thought it was too high whereas I’m a high SHBG guy and my FT was mid range at best. I ended up back at a men’s clinic.

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The problem is when insurance companies get involved it can lead to problems getting all the tests needed and the treatment protocols tend to not be ideal, not in every case but most of the time.

Since the clinic takes the insurance, it restricts treatment because the clinic docs have less medical freedom. You have a much better chance at getting better care if you pay out of pocket.

Going to a PCP for TRT, good luck with that. Urologist’s can be hit or miss.

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Yes, but my experience isn’t common. When he retired I had to go back to the clinic