Any SubQ Tips, Advice or Warnings? (age 29)

Long time lurker, first time poster.

First question:I have two bottles of 1 CC of 200 MG of test cyp still left. Can I just use a quarter CC to inject subq? Will that be any different than .5 CC of 100 MG in any way? Logically, it shouldn’t but I’m curious. If it is the same would I be better injectng just .25 CC of 200 mg consistently instead of .5 of 100 MG?

My equipment for reference is 29 guage .5 inch needle with a 1 cc syringe broken out into units for insulin.

Also, I’ve seen different suggestions - some people say to inject while pinching the fat, others ( Dr Cisler ) say not to. Is there a consensus?

and I’ve seen people say not to do more than .5 CC subq - is this also the case?

And finally does anyone have subq tips, advice or warnings? I have never done subq before (have done IM though, into quads), so I’m mostly looking for potential problems, things to watch out for etc.

(Removed specifics to my case b/c that’s not the reason for this thread. Will make another one just about that sometime soon)

Do get 0.5ml syringes. The smaller diameter piston creates higher pressures and increases injection flow rates. 1.0ml can be slow

When fat layers are thin, you pinch up fat and inject into the end of the ‘fold’ with needle parallel to muscles below. When injecting over upper leg, skin/fat can be thin. You can find suggestions re injecting insulin as well.

Some get lumps when injecting into belly fat and not over legs. Some vise verse. See what works for you.

When injecting over upper leg, you can see and avoid veins.

You should use 200mg/ml T whenever possible.

You can get bleeds from injecting and with subq this can lead to bleed bruising. After you pull needle out, press on injection site with finger for 10-15 seconds to allow vessels to seal off. Same applies to IM.

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Yea I am seeing this in some other places. It’s just what my doc got me. I guess I should order some off amazon or something?

Makes sense, so I probably don’t need to on my stomach? (which, unfortunately, doesn’t have a thin fat layer).

I’ll have to try and see.

Good to know, I have sterile pads I used for post-IM injects, so I’ll keep using those for bleeds.

Thanks for the tips, and all the stuff you’ve written!

Also a few follow ups:

  1. If I do it “wrong” subq, how will I know? What will be the things to watch out for?

  2. What is the scarring risk with subq? I feel like I’ve heard mixed things, is there any research out there or?

Doing SC for 11 years, no scarring. When I did IM, muscles got hard and stiff.

When injecting into the mound of skin that you pinched up, you should feel the injecting creating a deposit between your fingers, a sign that you are not injecting into a vein.

I have found that alcohol pads do not stop bleeding, they prolong bleeding by interfering with clotting. All you need is the firm pressure.

I can’t cover everything in any one post. You can find more details in the stickies.

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That answered all of my questions I think! Thanks so much.