Any Studies on T Hyper Metabolizer?


Been lurking long time and dealing with low T. Sustanon didn’t go well with E3.5d and Nebido seems to work in some degree: injection, 1 week good, second week with high E2 symptoms, third week good, fourth week kind of “meh” and then rest of the weeks depression etc low T shit. At week 2 my total T would be ~39 (8 - 30) and E2 0.19 (<0.15). So E2 was not even really high, but I felt like crap (constipation, bloat, brain fog, head ache, dry and painfull eyes). Also in 10 months my weight has gone from 200 to 240 pounds. Not all of it is fat, there has luckily been some muscle gains. When I have been receiving trt my SHBG has been low: 15 (15 - 90).

I have somewhat good urologist and he is willing to put me Nebido e5week constantly, but I don’t know if it is worth it. And I am not so sure about it working greatly with divided doses. Might work, might not. No other available injectable options from pharmacy in my country.

So… Few months ago bought several vials of underground test e & cyp 250mg/ml. I have been experiencing mostly with everyday dosing, but it seems like that I feel best doing it twice a day. It seems a lot of overkill, but if I pinn 0.15 ml (37.5 mg) on morning I will be jittery later on morning and have high E2 symptoms on midday and feel slightly down on next morning. If I pinn less (0.05 ml [12.5mg] to 0.10 ml [25mg]) the day is good, but it is hard to get sleep: sweating, heart pounding etc. Also no morning wood.

So been pinning twice a day lately. And life is better, although occasionally I still feel mildy manic and just have to do push ups and have hard time focusing on single task. And some moments I am falling to depression and hate everything.

What else… To test my ug-gear I pinned 1 ml (250 mg) of ug cypionate and went to lab two days later: total T over 100 (8 - 30), E2 0.45 (<0.15) and SHBG 9 (15-90). So it does have legit T in it. Felt crap for several days. :slight_smile:

I don’t mind pinning everyday, but every 12 hours… Bit too much.
Am I hyper metabolizing?
Is this undergound e / cyp fake and it is propionate?

Feel somewhat discouraged about life when there is so much of pinning and moodswings. Is there any real studies about T hyper metabolizer or this “low SHBG means pin daily”?

Personally, I think breaking up Sustanon injections is a stupid idea and doomed from the start. Breaking up Nebido into weekly or semi-weekly is fine, it will just have a slower build-up and slower let-down being a long single ester. It sounds like you are taking too big of a dose for you, it does not sound at all like you are a “hyper excreter” or anything like that Your experiment with pinning a whole ml didn’t actually prove much, your numbers on day 7 would be more informative. Try taking half the dose you took, and give it several weeks for your body to adjust. You can adjust up slowly from there.

Not sure if you have tested but these all sound like symptoms of hypothyroid also.

Twice a day injections sounds over the top to me. I refused to rub cream on myself twice daily.