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Any Students Here Who Smoke?


Is there anyone else here who enjoys a nice puff but live in halls and are sick of the constant threat of tutors and snitches?

Well I think I've found a solution to the problem, and it's much healthier.

You will need access to a kitchen, some utilities and capsule machine but it's very simple. I came up with the idea a few days ago while encapsulating my creatine:

First, fill the bottom section of a double boiler with water, once the water is boiling add 4 tbsp of EV coconut oil and 1/4 oz, heat until the oil is very hot (but don't let it boil). Place it into a container and allow it to cool, once it is lukewarm place it into a freezer until it is frozen. Then remove it and put into a blender or processor which can crush ice.

This should produce a fine powder, it is important to do the next step quickly - using your capsule machine encapsulate the mixture, but keep the container itself in the freezer (so the oil doesn't defrost while you're making the capsules).

It shouldn't take too long (took me about half an hour in total).

Once done keep the capsules in an airtight container in the freezer and enjoy when ever you feel like with out anyone even knowing. A 000 capsule of high quality stuff should keep you going for a good 4-6 hours.

I myself took two capsule to lectures. Genius wasn't it?


yet another epic thread...


this seems like a lot of work for Cancer.


Yolked, Im gonna risk sounding like I'm preaching, but simply because I wouldnt wish this shit on my worst enemy. And also I had no fucking idea this was possible.

I've had a recent health scare that got me talking to people and experiencing some awful things, all due to smoking. I met a 23 year old healthy kid diagnosed with emphysema, he had smoked weed for 6 months. Its far more common then you believe. Theres a genetic deficiency in about 1 out of 2000 people called alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, that makes it so you lack a protein that protects your alveoli. What normally takes 20 years of HEAVY smoking takes only 3 or 4. And those are just the people completely deficient, theres others that are mildly deficient ect..

I'm not trying to get you to quit, I've been on the other side and I know that shits impossible, but keep it in the back of your mind please.


I can't believe I'm responding to this, but...

Yeah, when I was a freshman and lived in the dorms I was a pothead. I never try to get creative, though, I stick with the bare basics, which included, (from most frequently to least.)

  • Going outside with one of my roommates (even during the winter when it's <10 degrees out every night for three months) and smoking in this little secluded area just outside our dormitories.

  • Smoking in my room, utilizing this air conditioner thing we had there. We made an "air purifier" out of an old Mountain Dew bottle and dryer sheets... but I think everyone knows that technique.

  • The shower technique. If you have a shower that gets hot enough, make it so it's damn near scalding, or at least producing a shit load of steam. You know it's hot enough then. Then, just stand slightly outside (or in the shower, hell,) and smoke away. The hot water kills any sort of smell whatsoever.

And I do certify Technique #3 to be pure gold, but you have to be careful about keeping your piece / joint / paraphenalia close to the water and blowing into it as well, or you may end up with some stray stenches.


I guess that's yet another reason to use Ops idea.


haha wow that's extreme.


So now MJ causes cancer?
haha next you will be telling me psilocybin causes heart disease.

Cannabinoids have been shown to have ANTI-carcinogenic properties.


Look up the e-cig.

Also, take an empty toilet paper roll and stuff it with fabric softener dryer sheets. Exhale through there. The smoke coming off of the cigarette might be too much though. This works for pot.


SMOKE isn't good for you, no matter where it comes from.


and I was just making a smartass remark in my first post, no offense intended hippy!


Smokers are jokers.

Vaporize instead.


People think you are talking about cigarettes I think. Most people don't know about THCs solubility in fat. Anyway, consuming mj is not quite the same as smoking it because you have to wait for it to kick in, and even then the effects are different. I would rather just roll a j and walk down to a park and smoke there.


ignore last post, re read responses


Damn OP, you never learn do you. You really have no desire to straighten this shit out do you?


But wait...

This thread is about encapsulating MJ, not smoking it.


I've seen this before but you can use butter too. Like make pot butter and whatnot. Or use a vaporizer.


Fan in window.

Go nuts.


Some of you must be 11 years old.

And OP you are a damn fool if you think pot is safer than tobacco when smoked. It's amazing that some people think smoking pot is not harmful, and some even go as far as saying its healthy. Vaporizing is a different story.

(I smoked regularly for a long time. But not any more and not because of health reasons) Smoke if you want to but don't make yourself appear stupid by making naive comments.


Studies show it is safer because it doesn't cause cancer. THC inhibits the growth of cancer cells.