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Any Strength-Rowing Coaches out there?

I’m wondering if any of the coaches around here have done any strength training with rowers. Rowing is an endurance sport, but I am a heavyweight and thus have no restriction on my weight. While rowing is endurance based, strength and certain levels of mass are highly desirable (of all endurance athletes rowers are probably the largest). I have been training precisely as my coach wants, but am frustrated with my results at the moment. Right now I have two scheduled lifts a week and at least one other practice a day, ranging from steady-state to sprints. Anyway, I have been doing very well on longer distance tests, but my 2k test has been shitty. Since we race at 2k, this is a problem. My 2k time is 6:41, my 10k split is 148.4. I am ready to stop all other weight lifts (i have a solid base) and focus specifically on power training on the erg and perhaps a dyno machine. If any coaches have any experience with this type of training or simply any reccomendations on strength/explosive training for a sinlge primary lift I would be more than grateful to hear it (the single primary lift would probably be the erg or dyno since the activity patterning is exactly the same as that of the sport). Also, I am slightly confused as to the ideal muscular make-up of my legs for the sport–in studies I have read rowers overwhelmingly develop slow twitch fibers, transforming over time the variable fiber types–but, perhaps to maximally develop the fast twitch would still be desirable (basically a program that would put on lots of muscle specifically for this motion would be good to). OK… now I hope someone can help me.