Any Steroid to Increase Tendon Size and Strength?

is any steroid increase tendon size and strength and how to strong your tendons ?

I have heard winstrol will make your tendons stronger that’s why runners like it but it can make them so strong they snap which doesn’t make sense. I have also read basically any dry dht based compound can make the tendons dry and brittle and sense winstrol is a DHT I don’t see how it can make them stronger. There must be something in there I don’t understand or have not read about in a way that makes sense to me.

Deca and as far as I understand it any wet compound should increase collagen synthesis which is vital for strong healthy tendons. Deca is supposed to be the better one for collagen synthesis.

Other than that really the only way to get stronger tendons is develop them like we develop muscle mass. Keep in mind the tendons tend to be about six months behind the muscle in development. So you can go on a strength/mass cycle for 10-12 weeks then do your best to keep working out at that weight range and then after a proper PCT and recovery around 3-4 months later you should be good to do another cycle geared towards strength and mass. Keep in mind you don’t want to make crazy ass jumps in workout ranges because that’s how the muscle gets too far ahead of the tendons.

steroids increase muscle strength quicker than tendon strength, from what I heard. HGH helps tendons.

BPC-157 might just be the ticket.

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