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Any Solution for a Small Left Thigh?

A boditrax scanner highlighted a problem to me and it was not my bodyfat %.
My left thigh has 500grams less muscle then my right thigh. I confirmed this when I got home and found that the mid part of my thigh is 1 inch smaller then the right. The visual appearance is that there is less quad sweep on the left (vastus lateralis), but could be hamstrings also.

I can assure you I have no issues about the neurological supply to the area. I just know my left knee has a tendency of caving in when squatting and I rotate to the right when I deadlift. And I have struggled with left leg pistol squats (very very ugly on left) and left leg, single arm romanian deadlift.

After years of mostly compound movements, and road cycling before that. I am willing to dedicate a period of time to specialising in correcting this, as I know it is

  1. holding my strength on main lifts and oly lifts back
  2. Potentially aggrevating/causing occasional pain in my left knee.
  3. Makes me more susceptible to a bad injury.

I am not really sure what to do, to be honest. As I train in a gym without leg press machines or a leg curl machine and my pistols irritates my left knee.

Any advice would be gratefully recieved. Thanks

I would check your form especially on squats. Some folks either favor one side or combine poor form with weight they cannot handle and have to lean so that other muscles (usually the back) can compensate. Single leg exercises would be the best way obviously but if you don’t correct the root cause of the imbalance it will only get worse. I would have someone video tape you while you do squats/deads and verify that your form is correct. I think if you correct whatever is causing the imbalance in the first place it will eventually correct itself (500g/1lb is not a significant performance difference as long as you lift with weights your left leg can handle). Muscle imbalances are fairly common but for most their BF % isn’t low enough to notice the difference.

This could be an alignment problem, like a rotated pelvis. If it were me, I would find a good chiropractor or better yet an applied kinesiologist. Inventory your form, set up, total body tightness, just anything you can think of that you could improve/correct. Have you videoed yourself working out? Sometimes you are doing something you are not even consciously aware of. Just some thoughts to hopefully help you out.