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Any Sleeves Close to a Wrap?

I have been using some Elite FTS & Iron rebel performance sleeves and neither really give me any extra lbs… Are there any sleeves out there that really good rebound? Do not need any approved stuff because I compete wraps… Ones I am looking at MB Gangsters?

Have you ever used knee wraps? You wouldn’t want a knee sleeve that is anything close to a wrap because it would be uncomfortable as hell and you can’t wait to take it off after each set. And you would probably need help to put them on too. If you want something to make you squat more then get knee wraps.

There was a guy on here a while back who made a video where he did an experiment with some ridiculously tight sleeves and a fish scale, basically the sleeves could give him something like 20lbs but they were so tight and uncomfortable that they cut off his circulation and he couldn’t wear them for more than a few minutes. He said himself that there was no way he could wear those in a meet. That’s how tight they would have to be for any significant carryover, and it’s still way less that you can get out of wraps.

Try some loose wraps, or single ply briefs.
Nice to see another MD on the forum

I use wraps weekly, I guess I worded it wrong I was just looking for the best sleeve to get any kind of performance out of it… Using wraps weekly even light takes a lot of energy!

Really? Do a warm-up set, change the weight, roll a wrap; repeat. I did 3-4 sets a week in wraps for decades. Directly to your question…IMO the Elite FTS ‘Heavy’ sleeves strikes the best balance in value and effectiveness.

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There are no sleeves that are going to come even close to wraps. There are some thicker ones, like 9mm or double/triple ply, but it’s still not going to be the same. Look up Cerberus Strength for 9mm sleeves and Strengthshop for multi-ply sleeves if you want, but personally I wouldn’t bother with that stuff.

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Thanks guys

Not close to a wrap compression wise but I like Titan Yellow Jackets and use them to warmup before I wrap up. Mine have the X and aren’t USPA/IPL legal in Raw. I think the stiffness/bounce feels good, but it doesnt have the same wrap compression. I’m squatting 390-420 in wraps for my working set, and my last warmup with sleeves is around 375 for the higher range. They’re also easy as hell to get on/off

Inzer knee sleeves XT. I’ve never really cranked them down but I doubt i could get them as tight as a set of wraps. However, when they are pulled tight, they are difficult to walk in. I’ll normally do a set then reach down and loosen the Velcro.