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Any Slayer Fans Out There?

I grew up listening to Metallica, ACDC, Scorpions, Van Halen, and Led Zeppelin. But lately I’ve been listening to Slayer and I’ve never listened to them ever. What are the signature songs of Slayer?

I’m not talking about commercial success songs such as Enter Sandman from Metallica or Jump from Van Halen. But true hardcore slayer songs, such as any song from the 1st 3 albums of Metellica.

Angel of Death is a signature classic that will still get me pumped. Mandatory Suicide, Read Between the Lies, and South of Heaven, are also good ones. Black Magic Nights, Die By the Sword, and Capture of Sin are very early Slayer tunes and good as well.


Hell Awaits is Slayer’s best album, I would get really stoned and listen to it on my headphones. That album would scare the fucking shit out of me… Sometimes I miss being a teenage stoner metal-head. Reign in Blood is a close second.

In my opinion, the “signature” songs of Slayer would have to be; The Antichrist, Haunting the Chapel, Black Magic, Chemical Warfare, Angel of Death, Ghosts of War, South of Heaven, and War Ensemble.

I have to put Reign in Blood first. I really like Show No Mercy aswell but if someone asked me to play a Slayer album for them, it would be Reign in Blood.

Reminds me of S.O.D playing Raining Blood in some song, not seen it in ages but the singer is a big guy and does a stage dive off some high amps, good to see if you can track it down :slight_smile:


213 best song IMO. Get chills up and down my spine every time.

Fuck yes slayer! That’s about all I have ever listeneded to in the gym. My favorite album is Seasons in the Abyss. Starts off with War Ensamble, which is in my opinion the most represtative Slayer song there is. Expendabe Youth, Hollowed Point (fuck especially Hollowed Point!!), Born of Fire… It’s the best album in my opinion. A classic for sure. I am actually in to gym right now with it on the mp3 player, typing this between sets.

Please excuse the spelling.

raining blood

hard to play, but sick song

I listen to Hell awaits, chemical warfare, silent scream, live undead, Ghosts of war, War ensemble, hallowed point when I work out legs.

“South of Heaven” and “Reign in Blood” are to Slayer what “Ride the Lightning” and “Master of Puppets” are to Metallica.