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Any Shooters On Board?.


Do we have any shooters or hunters on board?

If so rise up and be heard!

I am a new shooter and wannabe hunter.

My weapons of choice:
Remington 673 in .308
Winchester 94 Trapper in .357
Ruger 10/22


There was a thread on handguns and a thread on rifles a while back...

But I shoot. Right now I just have my Walther P22, but i'll be getting my Browning Hi-Power 9mm soon enough.


Plenty of us on T-Nation.

I got too many firearms to list here but I have been collecting and shooting for years. My current favorite carry gun is a SW5906.

Got two deer this past season one with a rifle the other with a bow. Traded some of the venison for Buffalo after I got the second one. Variety you know!


As far as hunting goes I like to hunt pheasant and quail and I just use a single shot 12 gauge. I also like to hunt varmints, but I think that counts more as shooting than it does hunting. Either way I like to use my marlin .22 mag, or my SAR-1.


Really? I looked but I guess I wasn't looking hard enough.

Any links?


Handgun lovers:

Rifle Lovers:




I shoot deer with a bow. I shoot a lot of skeet with my old man when I'm home (Vermont). Also love fishing.


Make sure you aren't half drunk, mistake your friend for a bird, and shoot him in the face.


I used to hunt, mostly quail, doves and woodcock (for those of unfamiliar this is a bird).

I have a ducks unlimited 50th anniversary gold engraved shotgun I won at the only skeet shooting challenge I entered. I was 14 and outshot the 18 yo class. Talk about made the old man proud. )Won it in front of all of his friends).

My favorite weapon was my HK 91. An awesome feeling to empty a 30 round magazine of .308!


I shoot, and hunt rabbits.

MY favorite gun is a Smith and wesson 642 bodygaurd.

Its a stainless steel .38 special snubby, and fits into the inner pocket of a carhart coat or in the front pocket of a pair of bib overalls.


Hillbilly Tactical!


I like to hunt and I shoot some trap during the summer.I hunt deer,doves,turkey and....waterfowl.I love to hunt waterfowl.I travel several states during the fall/winter chasing ducks and geese.Lots of good "protein" there.I also try to put 4-5 deer in the freezer during the fall.Good,lean meat in venison.
I hunt waterfowl,turkey and dove with a 12ga and load my own shells as it ads something to the hunt for me harvesting game with shells I loaded myself.For deer a use a .243 with ammo I loaded myself as well.


I shoot a .223, or a 7 mag depending on what I'm hunting. I currently carry a 40 caliber for my CHL, and I have a compact 45. My wife carries a colt compact .40 caliber. I'm considering a 1911 and want to get into competitive shooting but it's expensive.