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Any seminoles out there?

Does anyone else out there go to Florida State? I seem to recall someone writing into reader mail complaining about the student-trainers at FSU’s gym. Let me know if you would interested in lifting sometime.


GO GATORS! By the way, nice job on your win over Maryland. It’s good to see another undefeated team go down. More push for the Gators! We’ll see you in three weeks! :wink:

hey i go-to umd, dont bad mouth the terps they are better this yr than any one could have predicted-HOwever they blew it.they basically just choked in the clutch. very disapointing after wtaching the 1st half

Anton, yeah I’m a serious noles fan, but I live in LA so I doubt there will be much of a chance for us train together. But about football. I thought from the beginning of the season that Miami would win the national title and I’m still sticking to that but I think that FSU can be a top 5 team this year and go to a BCS bowl if they(most importantly Chris Rix) play mistake ball the rest of the year. The teams left are tough, especially UF, but I don’t believe they’re unbeatable. Toughest games will be @UF and maybe @Clemson. We’ll see.

I don’t want to make excuses for MD BUT, it was unfortunate for them that their starting corner (who has 5 picks for the year) had to miss the game. His back up, Wilson #13, had 4 TD’s thrown on him. He is an embarassment to the team. Then again, MD should have better back ups.

Hey there Nole. I went to FSU, but graduated in the early 90s. I was there when the Leach center was first built and was one of the trainers at the center (for 2 years). Then, Lim (one of the biggest Asians and strongest too) was the Director and he knew his shit. Although he instituted the no gum rule (one I hated, but understood as some mornic people have this odd thought that water fountains are resting stops for chewed gum), we allowed serious lifting and had both power lifting and body building contests. Anyway, if you ever in the Miami or Ft Lauderdale area and want to train, let me know.

Doug, I train at Gold’s in N. Miami Beach.

hell yeah, another nole T-Man! i’m a freshamn at FSU right now. I don’t usually work out at leech center because of the bullshit like what that guy in reader mail wrote in and the fact it is always crowded as fuck. I have a membership at Premier, which is on the other side of town. It is a little smaller than leech, but a lot newer and not nearly as crowded.

Hey N Miami Beach Gold’s, let me know when you want to train (weekends are easier) and we’ll go through a session, my email address is on various articles on this site.

Freshman, Is Premier still owned by Michelle (former pro BB)? Is Golds on Tennessee street still there? Good luck in your schooling.

Doug, I was also a trainer at the leach center in 94 and 95. I was there when Lim was the director and Kevin was the GA. That was a fun job and the fitness center was a great gym. I’m a big FSU fan, but my brother plays o-line for the Hurricanes. It makes it tough when they play each other.