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Any SCUBA Divers Around?

I am doing my certification dives in destin florida, on the 14’th of july. I am doing this for a diving trip to cozumel.

However I don’t wanna get certified, dive in Cozumel and then end it there. Any of you know how I can get involved in a good diving community around the florida area. Most of what I have seen you can get a daily charter for pretty cheap, when you compare it something like a live-a-board diving trip. Then there is also crystal river, and the springs.

I have family in Florida so thats why I am looking around that area.

Florida has tons of scuba diving opportunities. just keep an eye out for advertisements, check a local scuba store for info, hang out at the beach, talk to other divers on your trip… it won’t be hard to find something.

I did tons of scuba diving in Japan and Hawaii. There are several groups even here in Wisconsin diving these murky algae ridden lakes.

If there are people in Wisconsin donning tanks, there should at least 10x more people doing it in FL. Good luck and enjoy.

Captain Cook in Big Island and Hanauma Bay in Oahu were vibrant underwater forests a short two decades ago. I remember being blown away by the variety of fish and corals as a kid, but now it is not that colorful or abundant. Where ever you dive, take some underwater pics if you can, that way we can have a record of things.


Do you need a specialized camera for taking pics that deep.

Obviously It has to be waterproof, but will any ol’ disposable waterproof camera hold up to the pressure at 60ft?

Guess I could pick one up before I do my certification dives in destin and find out lol.

i think most underwater cam’s are good up to 20ft. it’ll say on the package anyways.

i would say definatly invest in u’re own bc,dive computer, and regulator/octo. you can always rent a tank, and saves you the hassle of humpin the damn thing around.

I just did my check out dives and got certified this past week in crystal river and thought it was great, I would recommend it. I plan on going back down to Florida later this summer and do some diving off of Jacksonville.

OP, a spot pretty close to home for you, especially if you don’t mind that drive to Destin (this one is closer to you)


[quote]Liquid447 wrote:
i think most underwater cam’s are good up to 20ft. it’ll say on the package anyways.


In my experience, they stay dry much deeper than that but become non-functional. The little soft plastic button collapses under pressure and prevents further picture taking.

vortex springs in panama is not to bad. best things i did with diving down there was hit the local dive shops and joined up with their charters. get to meet all kinds of people on every trip. i have enjoyed many dives with people i had met on the boats. oh, and destin has some nice dive spots also. very beautiful fresh water there.