Any Sayre Park Weightlifting Members?

Hi, I’ve been trying to self teach the olympic lifts through online videos. I heard about sayre park and was wondering if anyone lifts there and could tell me more about it. I’ve thought about joining a crossfit gym but the prices are too high for me and the videos of people doing the lifts often make me cringe at their technique.

What I would like to know is could I get some free advice? I don’t require someone to shadow and babysit me. Also what are the fees and hours like? I do not live near it so I would probably only make it there once or twice a week. Thanks

well it’s a Chicago Park district, in the basement. So the fee is whatever the park district requires you to pay… I think it’s $45 for 3 months or something. Every Saturday at 10:00AM there are a decent amount of lifters, thing is most of the platforms are full and people are rotating through bars and such, so I’m not sure if you’d want to do that, especially if you don’t know anyone. People go throughout the week as well around 5:00-5:30PM or so, but it’s much calmer and you should easily be able to have your own space.

Yes there are people who can help you out technique-wise, for free. We have some old-timers there that used to compete nationally in the 80s and such. Talk to Mark Levell, he’ll be there tomorrow most likely, as will I.

Thanks PB Andy. I will have to check it out considering I’m new to the olympic lifts. It’s too bad its only open for a few hours on Sat and closed on Sunday. I will have to check it out during the week since its open till 8 and I won’t get in the way.