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Any Safe Alternatives to Clen?


I know I am probably asking for the moon, since every effective drug seems to come at a price. but:

1- are there any drugs similar to clen which can be used as a fatburner and a SARM year round without any harsh and long term side effects? (please don't recommend ephedrine or ECA cause ephederine causes stroke and its not effective as a SARM for off cycle)

2- Does clen cause thyroid atrophy? cause I am already fucking with my endocrine system as it is so don't want to fuck up my throid aswell.

3- I remember some people recommended albuterol earlier which is very similar to clen. Is this drug safe?



No idea why anyone would take Clen over it if both are available.


Are you claiming that clen is a SARM?

and lol @ 'ephedrine causing stroke'

You say a lot of crazy shit. You know that?


YOOOO EZ bro..........

1-no sarm is my bad, I meant clen for its anticatabolic properties with a sarm.

2- AND YES stroke=common long term side effect of ephedrine. all it takes is to google ephedrine and stroke my friend and you'll see so many real cases.


the problems with albuterol is its short half life though and it should be consumed quite regularly. also I did abit of research today and apparently the cardiovascular problems associated with clen are also associated with albuterol, only not as much. I read in a few medical forums that their doctor was worried about the effect it has on their patients heart.

however in the cases I read the patients were using the inhalers (not tablts) for asthma and they have been using it for years. So i don't know.....


A sarm is no safer to use than a regular steroid. A sarm is just a steroid without with steroid chemical structure. It's similar to nonsteroidal estrogens. Speaking of which, I'm surprised there haven't been any nonsteroidal legal "prohormone" steroid products brought to market.


Albuterol, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.

The short half life is better. It means you want fuck with your sleep as much, if any.

I personally get inhalers free, and I just use a shit ton of pumps. I like it during workouts. Nothing gets me ready for a heavy squat like 15 puffs of albuterol. (5 before I wrap my knees, 10 when I get up)

Oral would be better for your purposes, but I just want it for the energy.


lol @ ephedrine causes stroke. It says it on the internets so it must be true


ok let me put this out for u once for all and u guys can say whatever the shit u want. YES there are alot of horror stories about AAS on the internet aswell but with AAS is a different story, and also the fact that there are all these exaggerated stories but no strong evidence to link these stories with AAS use it is understandable for many not to believe them.

with ephedrine however its a complete different story, there are fuck loads of evidence and news in regards to young people and girls who used them in order to lose weight, when there were no other factors which could have led to their stroke.

anyway I don't give a shit what u may think but I am just saying I don't like to use ephedrine, and I am looking for alternatives. I hate it when you ask people a question and they answer something completely irrelavant and not helpful to your question. EVERYONE here seems to have the ultimate knowledg on every subject and a doctorate in medicine.

Bigskwatta and anyone else who was actually helpful with my question thank you alot. I wish most people on this forums could be like you.


Clen has anticatabolic properties in RATS. Not in humans. Do you know the dose per kg of bodyweight the rats were receiving when they noted anticatabolic properties?

If youre looking for something with no side effects try carb cycling.


All drugs have side effects and risks associated with their use. The risks of ECA are imo very minimal


If you already have diet and everything in place; you can go with albuterol.

Usually suggested administration goes as follows:
3mg On first day to asses tolerance.
If the tolerance gives you a go,
3mg E4h
You can build up to 9mg E4h gradually tolerance permitting.

It's usually not suggested to go anything over 9mg E4h or 36mg within a 24 hour period.

You do NOT have to go 2weeks on/ 2 weeks off with albuterol, it's actually suggest to run it for 8 weeks at a time.

Best Regards,


First of all bonez I want to appologize once again for my message. I have obsession with bodybuilding and after training 5 years naturally and doing all these research about AAS I thought I know everything. I was way ahead of myself.

Well I did some research and I agree with you, the doses used on rats were extremely high and these properties were seen at high doses. The reason I mentioned Clen was not because I am interested in staying lean .I seem to have good genetics cause I build muscle quite easily and never looked at myself and said "WoW I need to lose some fat".

This year for the first time I did 2 short cycles of 4 weeks long and since the cycles were short I was never worried about recovery that much. However my current cycle is 10 weeks long and I am worried so much about losin alot. I have everything on hand and I read in two website (steroidology and isteoids) that bodybuilders take clen to avoid losing muscle during pct. For the past 2 days I did some more research and I realised you are right and I read about so many people regreting using clen for their PCT. Now what would be your advice on PCT and what would you suggest I should do to minimze muscle wasting?


You overestimate my propensity to treat past transgressions as 'water under the bridge'

It seems that youve forgotten that somoene else asked me your exact question about what PCT to use in a different thread. You answered the person for me. Seems like youre all set.