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Any Rush-ians Excited for this?


Ok, I'm expecting a thread full of cobwebs and/or comments like "Rush sux, GO MANOWAR!", but I am absolutely fucking psyched for this film to come out:

When you've got band members from Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage against the Machine, Pantera, Tool and KISS citing you as one of their biggest influences...when frigging LED ZEPPELIN calls you the most promising new band they've seen (back in 1980), I think you perhaps deserve a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Just maybe....I don't know.


RUSH is the best! Eff anyone that says different!



Rush fan here too! I'll definitely buy this when it comes out on DVD.


Big RUSH fan!!

I'm really excited to see this. Rush has been doing promotional interviews for this all week on the stations around here.



I'm also relieved this wasn't a suck-fest thread for Rush Limbaugh.


Rush is coming through Boston soon ... I'm thinking about snagging up a couple tickets for me and my dad for his bday ... it'll be a awesome to see them ... great effin musicians


Been to 3 concerts.


Very very cool.


I can think of no other band that has influenced my own musical growth and influence than Rush. I can also associate most major life experiences with a Rush song moreso than any other band.

Ghost Rider is a great book written by Neil Peart, especially if you ride a motorcycle or have gone through grieving the loss of loved ones. EXCELLENT read.

I'm 2 degrees separated from Neil Peart. Good friends with a former managing editor of Modern Drummer who still keeps in touch with Neil and family. I'm trying to get him to convince Neil that he (Neil) needs to do a bike trip down through Maine sooner than later :wink:


I'm excited to see what the past has to offer...first hand.


The KISS and Led Zeppelin references were enough for me. :slightly_smiling:


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They're performing 'Moving Pictures' in it's entirety when they tour this summer.


Me too. My very first show as a kid. They came to my town every tour. Caress of Steel tour, cost me $6.50, I still have the stubb. If you ain't seen Rush you ain't no Canadian lol.

Classic Rock magazine had a list of top 100 guitarists of all time and no Alex, WTF!!!!Fuckin' brits.


Neil has a place in Quebec and has travelled pretty extensively throughout Maine.

Speaking of Maine, have you been to Geddy's?



LMAO-- we go to Acadia a few times a year (annual pass), but never really hang out in town. Never been there, although it should be a destination, eh?


I haven't been there either. Geddy Lee has no official affiliation with the place, but it has lots of Rush memorabilia and I think the band has stopped by a few times.



Rush is awesome and I will be checking this out for sure. Rolling Stone is usually pretty good about covering relevant/good bands but was shocked a couple years ago to learn that they had been snubbed and never been covered in the magazine until then (AC/DC was another band that got this shitty treatment from Rolling Stone).


I don't think I've paid to go to the movies in 8-10 years...I'm taking my 3 sons to see it and if it's on an IMAX screen I'm doing that too...RUSH in Rio was a good flick, but this looks tons better.