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Any Routines to Increase Vertical


I have a shoulder injury so I'm trying to go easy on the upper body and heavy on the legs. Are there any training routines for increasing my vertical jump?? I tried to do a search but It won't let me do it for some reasons. Any links would be great, ty.


1.) Increase your max strength qualities (deadlift and oly squat more)
2.) Increase your power absorbtion qualities (be able to absorb a higher depth drop without the heels touching)
3.) Increase your reactive qualities (jumping higher from a certain drop height or jumping the same distance from a higher box).
4.) Display your increased power output by vertical jumping.
5.) Cycle through.

Certain people need to stay in certain parts of that cycle for longer times than others. Most need to stay in #1 for a long time. However, if you're oly squatting 2x your bodyweight and you only vert jump 25", then you need some power work.


I read something about jump squats helping a ton with Vertical


Ya I definatly need to incorporate squat and dead in but I was curious if there was any calf workouts or workouts specifically for fast twitch. I thought I saw something on here a while back but I'm not sure.


Your calves have very little to do with your leaping ability. Also, I wouldn't worry too much about "fast twitch" fiber training until you can squat 1.5X bodyweight, at least.

Anyways, just go to higher-faster-sports.com and read the articles on there. Kelly Baggett knows his stuff and he lays it out so it's easy to follow.






Here's a couple of things to do:

1.)Measure your best vertical (no steps)
2.)Now squat down, pause for a couple of seconds, then jump up and see how high you jump
3.) Do depth jumps off progressively higher plyo boxes until you cannot match your best vertical. Someone with good reactivity will most likely have a higher vertical off a 12-24" box than standing.
4.) See what the highest drop you can easily absorb the force from in a depth drop. If you can't keep your heels from hitting or you make noise on the landing, it's not a good absorbtion.

You don't have to do all of them in one workout, but those things (along with oly squat and deadlift 1rm's) can give people a better idea of how to advise you.


Right on Sam, that's what I was looking for. I just really want to work on my calves and the insides of my legs to make me more expolsive vertically and laterally. I'm only 5'9 but I played 6'2 if that makes any sense. With some good workouts eventually I could play 6'4-6'6 and possibly dunk (one handed). I could get a few inches above the rim but with some solid work dunking is a good possibilty. Explosiveness is my main goal.


Did you notice that that article has NOTHING for the calves? I'm not sure what you mean by insides of your legs either...

The whole calves thing that was started by Jumpsoles is one of the worst things to happen- I know because I fell for it too.


my friend i have the answer for you. google- Air Alert III. its a slightly modified version of the popular air alert program. im currently on week 3 and have already seen noticible gains in my leaping ability.


Air Alert III my friend. im currently on week 3 and already have noticible gains in my vertical. just google it, shouldnt be too hard to find




first off don't waste your time with air alert 3, that program will hurt you and doing 1000 reps of one exercise in the end is not going to make you a better jumper. go to www.higher-faster-sports.com, click on products, buy the vertical jump bible. that is all you need that book gives you all the knowledge to make your own killer program and it also comes with 18 different programs or something like that.


Thank you.

Air Alert... yikes.


Good looking out guys. I'm just starting to lift again after a 6 month lay off. I need to get my legs back up to par before I start anything too vigorous. They're so weak I have to start with leg press, bodyweight lunges and squats, and hammy curls. I'm hardly going to be able to move for a couple of weeks. I just want to find a nice routine to get back to where I was and then some. It's important I find the correct routine for where I want to go though.

Thanks again fellas


Did you notice that that article has NOTHING for the calves? I'm not sure what you mean by insides of your legs either...

The whole calves thing that was started by Jumpsoles is one of the worst things to happen- I know because I fell for it too.

I went to the YMCA this week for the first time in awhile. I played a game and today my calves hurt ALOT more than my legs do. When I play I'm on my toes alot, I don't know about you. Maybe you sit back on your heels while people are doing circles around you, I'm smaller so maybe its just me.

The air alert program doesn't seem to too bad. I'll take a hard look at it, the other book you were talking about too.

When I played I like to strengthen the insides of my legs. I think there called the adductor muscles. It seemed to help with defense and side to side movements.

Anyhow good looking out ALL of you guys. I'll let you know how it goes. I start going through DOMS on Wednesday. Luckily my woman is training to be a massage therapist. I'm going to need it.


Ok, keep doing your calf raises. I'll keep doing oly squats, deadlifts and power absorbtion work.

You can stay stapled to the ground and I'll continue to throw down 360s and windmills.

Not trying to be harsh because I was at the same place you were not too long ago. I know that building your squat is not as glamorous as some program that promises 7" on your vert, but it's (most likely) what you need to do.


Nah, you got it all wrong dog. My quads and hams are weak as hell right now. I know squats and deads are a must. I just want to do some other things to increase the vert. I'm not going anywhere w/o strengthening the upper legs. My calves are just tiny so I want to proportion them out and increase the vert too.

Squats and deads come first when I can. I'm so weak right now I'm going to be one hurtin MF just from doing leg presses and lunges with no weight. When I can I want to incorporate some things in the routine to increase the explosiveness while I'm at it.

I'm an athlete who wants to put on size, not a BB or powerlifter. I don't want to get so huge I lose my agility.
I apologize if I misrepresented what I'm trying to do.


I also said I'll take a look at the book you mentioned. It doesn't hurt to take a look at everything. I have plenty of time before my legs are even ready to start pumping like I need to be.

Don't think I don't appreciate your advice. I'll take a look at whatever ANYONE tells me. What both of you guys are preaching was working for yourselves. Who's right, who's wrong. Nobody.


definitely works...gained 2 inches with 1 week to go...i'll let you know what the final number is after this this week and a couple days of rest...then its on to kb's intermediate full routine...