Any role for bicarb post-workout??

This is probably a silly question, or it would already be in use, but since part of the post-workout state is due to accumulation of lactic acid, is there any role for things which neutralize acid e.g. bicarbonate (I do realize that it tastes terible) after working out?

I remember Dr Colgan going on about this in his performance nutrition book, so you might wanna check that out for the full story, but i seem to remember that he said that you could add bicarb to pre work out nutrition, 5-10grams?, had to be calcium carbonate as sodium carbonate would eventually cause renal stress and most likely give you the shits. I tried it for about a month and didn’t notice any great benifit over normal post workout stuff, aka carbsp,protein and strretching + masaging the muscle. hope that helps