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Any RN/FF/Paramedics Out There?

Any here an RN/Paramedic/FF? I’m currently getting my EMT card and going to start nursing school in the fall and I’m just curious if this is what any else does already here? And not even necessarily exactly what I described but any firefighters or nurses here in general.

I was an EMT for 5 years and now I work in medical flight communications and I’m going to nursing school. Good field to get into, job security.


Mrs. Mapwhap is a paramedic. Nationally registered and everything. She has zero interest in becoming a nurse, though. I don’t think she feels it would be as rewarding.

I’m a volunteer FF/ paid EMT. Got the EMT to help get a job as a FF, but still trying. I like the EMT a lot more than I thought I would. Don’t think I’d want to be a nurse though. When a patient is getting on my nerves, at least I always know that I will be dumping them off soon enough…on a nurse.