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Any Ripped Semi-Truck Drivers?


Just wondering...you guys always notice how semi truck drivers are like obese walruses who have grown into their chairs?

With a lifestyle like that, there are so few distractions, hypothetically you could cut out of a 4 hours a day to get some good meal preparation and find a gym to pound iron in.

Do you think there are some super built truck drivers? I wonder how difficult that would be, I mean to have to find a gym in a new place every day...but you could plan it.

Most of those guys look like if they dropped the Chinese Buffet diet, and adopted a strict mentality, that they have the genetics to be huge. I mean they usually like some straight up wookies.


Of course there are ripped truck drivers. For example:


What? With a lifestyle like that? What does that even mean? My dad was always in good shape before his accident and he was a truck driver but he certainly didn't have a bunch of free time. Truckers work long hours and they don't sit in their trucks because they are lazy, they need to get to their destinations. I don't think you have the faintest idea what the job is really like.


Someone just watched Over The Top


Ha ha, very funny super saiyan. But not helpful at all, let give the guy a serious answer.

OP, heres an actual semi driver who can move some iron, he used to be a bouncer, and was actually a male stripper for a while too, so ya know he's ripped, and once even led a group of American high school students who resisted their foreign occupiers through guerrilla warfare and call themselves the Wolverines, after their high school mascot.


lol Patrick Swayze


Wow. Just...wow-
As a former OTR trucker, I considered myself lucky if I got more than 4-5 hours sleep per day. So, how many 70+ foot long rigs can OP fit in a gym's parking lot? (not that the drivers would cut into sleep time for it, but "enquiring minds want to know").


If you're not a truck driver and dont know what the fuck you're talking about, you dont have any right to say they're lazy chair hugging fat fucks. Like dezlwezl stated, driving rigs is no walk in the park and the hours are crazy!

Thats like two males debating whether gay people choose to be gay or if it is inborn.... You just wouldnt understand.


How about simi-ripped regular truck drivers.


Sooooo which one is it?


haha. should've seen that coming.... damn Quebecois.


I never said, they were lazy. I'm acknowledging that their job is to sit in a chair and drive as much as humanly possible. This also makes their relaxation and meal time prone to excess and coupled with their sedentary lifestyle, will lead to not the best physique.


How can a trucker NOT be in shape?? I mean what with all the chasin' that monkey 'round.


Interesting fact about red dawn. The guy that plays the Russian general is actor William Smith(Also known as Conan's father.) and he really was a jacked mo fo. He once held the guiness world record for reverse curling his own body weight and was a world arm wrestling champion.


People don't drive trucks because they want (I mean, probably). They do it because they can work insane 14 hour days, get overtime, and support their family. Sorry if 14 hour days don't leave enough time to train, let alone eat or sleep. Asshole


I work with plenty of truck drivers on a daily basis. They are some of the hardest working guys out there. We'll spend 3-4 hours unloading windows, doors and cabinets and 95% of them work like raped apes. Unless thier hauling freight they do a lot more than drive.