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Any Review on Defy Medical?

Any one on here using Defy Medical and how much the cost ? im new on here and been seeing a endo and its not working out .

This has been discussed in some other posts. Do a search and it should come up. If I remember correctly its around $1,500-$2,000 the first year and $750-$1500 for the years following.

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I’m with Defy Medical, best decision I could have made! The bottom end for cost is $1300 without HCG if test dosage is around 100mg weekly and low dosage AI. It will be cheaper after the first year do to no $250 consult fee, you can follow up with Dr. Saya for $120, or nurse practitioner for $50 every 6 month plus lab/medicine costs.

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Yes I’m about to call them for the free consultant now what’s the difference if my primary doctor give me shots then defy medical

The different is you’ll feel like shit if the primary doctor gives you the injections. Primary doctors have no business prescribing testosterone as they aren’t trained on how to do it. You have to know how much and how often, if you get this wrong you will feel unwell.

The problem is most doctor believe TRT is injecting testosterone and only checking total testosterone, testosterone effects other hormones and if the primary care doctor don’t know what you’re doing (99% don’t) the patient suffers.

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Yes that’s what I’m afraid off with my primary care doctor because I told him the endocrinologist won’t give me shot and only told me to use the gels I been thru 5-6 different gels brands and patch wasn’t working I trusted my endocrinologist cuz I thought he can get me better but it was waste of 5 years yea I just got off the phone with Marry from defy medical just order lab work doing it next Tuesday it cost 358$ I added two more order and the other price before that was $279 for 11 lab order so I’m gonna try them out and I’m still new to all of this she say I can still get shot from my primary doctor u till I get schedule in which 3weeks out I’m glad I found this website and people like u guys helping me thanks

Gels are scripted when doctors are clueless, it’s easy and requires no skill whatsoever. Gels, patches and creams often do not work for the majority of men.

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They make money on the patented gels. They dont make any money on injected oils. We see some docs insisting on in-office injections as well which they then charge to the insurance company for an exorbitant amount.

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Yea I was telling my endocrinologist that I recent had a baby and my wife works and I can be on the Grl cuz I have to be around my baby but he keep say cover up and this and that and last month I told him I feel same shit as if I was off the gel and he order labs 4 months ago it was 380 and he say it normal and for me go to my primary doctor and I was so mad cuz I been so depressed over how I feel so weak and no energy all the symptom and I told him I’m so tired I can even drive and always felling and want to sleep all day I been thru sleep test 3 time all normal and a cardiovascular doctor he say normal with my heart Cuz I thought I was having problems with my heart cuz there’s days I feel like passing out and I been to a psychiatrist Now I’m on all kinda medication and still feel shit lol now I feel like i can get back to being normal after 9 years of this crap I hope so lol

Thats awful man. Defy should be able to help you.

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Yea my primary doctor referral me to two endocrinologist for 2nd opinions but I been on forum and people saying they been thru endocrinologist too and I decided to try defy medical I don’t want to waste no my times as my wife sick of tired of me I didn’t want to lose my family because I could able to work cuz I been Chronic Fatigue for the past 8-9 years jobless

Yes there’s time that I wanted to end my life cuz how I feel so depressed I was like 3 years like this and I been thru 3 primary doctors saying every normal labs and once my mom told me to go see her primary doctor he test me for testosterone it came back low around 200 that’s when he sent me to endocrinologist and wasted 5 years on that dummy now I have new primary doctor that’s willing to give me shot lol and I got kinda scare lol so I’m 2hr I have appointment with my primary doctor about the shot that I got one and waited for 2 weeks for another 2nd shot 3 weeks ago and only felt good for 3-4 days only

Yeah, most here inject at least once a week and most of us multiple times a week. Keep us posted and ask questions. Read the stickies here too.

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Still trying get used to how I post stuff lol thanks

Yea I couldn’t believe 3 other primary doctors I went thru didn’t even order labs do testosterone to be check that was crazy I was only 25 years old I didn’t know anything crazy they should be check every one for that lol

Most men need high normal total testosterone near the top of the ranges to feel good, this is where most young men are scoring when in their prime, any doctor settling for low normal while on TRT should be embarrassed.

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Yea he keep saying well ur level down cuz the insurance didn’t wanna cover other brand so I went thru 6 difference stuff and I went got all my records two weeks ago

Yea I live in a small city so he was the only endocrinologist in my city lol it’s sucks for another person to see him if they are having Same problems

I am now just starting my journey with Defy. So far they have been very professional.

It is not cheap initially. I added extra labs, so just that came out to around $500. Plus the consult and I am at $750. I did the math based on their prices (assuming follow up with nurse, less expensive blood work for follow ups as they don’t need to check as much, and using test, hcg and adex). Came out to ~$1300 per year after the first year, and ~$2000 the first year.

With Defy you are getting a service to optimize your well being.

Sometimes you get what you pay for.

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How long did it take u start feeling good again?